Monday, July 30, 2018

HP Sprocket Printer - Fun but Sad | Tech Review

hey hey hey!
having an Tech review from me is a little rare as i am definitely abit of a when it comes to tech and specification descriptions. so today's review will not be on the tech side to be honest! its more towards the results and how the HP Sprocket Printer's performance, that i got as a gift from my boyfriend! if you're reading this bbyy! thank you again for the lovely present! 

with that said, i was dead surprise, literally brought me to tears when i received it because apparently i received 2 of my dream gadgets on that week itself! which was this HP Sprocket and Fujifilm Instax from my sister! ever thankful and grateful for the love - they know me so well, and yet im still too poor and unwilling to buy my own! haha

so let's get down to business!

the cost will probably burn for a lumsum purchase at RM470 @ discounted. but because the Zink papers costs just as expensive - it will be a constant RM35~38/20 sheets. which is quite costly, especially for the print performance you'll be getting.

the size and weight is just nice like a pocket powerbank size fitted your palm. and doesn't weight heavy at all. so it's quite easy to bring around where you'd like your impromptu photos to be printed. parties or events are nice too!

the simplicity on the app and how to use the Sprocket is quite straight forward. open up Bluetooth - Connect and Print via sprocket app! the settings in the apps are also quite simple to navigate. and simple to play around with editing and stickers and colourful frames. 

printed results was the biggest disappointment because i was expecting a better printed quality to be honest! the colour was quite off towards a yellowish hue but also not consistent because i'd be a different hue for the next print even though its the same picture and the noise was unbearable to my personal view. because i did not do much editing and stickers pin-ups on the first few prints. the plain results got me into despair that i actually thought it has something wrong or i did something wrong on the setup! basically i panicked when reality doesn't meet my expectation. 


was it worth it? honestly, no. i felt a little bad cause it costed so much as a gift from my bf but it couldn't meet my photo printing expectations. lol but! on the other hand if you do not take the photos too seriously, its actually passes as a fun portable purikura print stickers that you'll be more willing to hand out to your friends as gifts! because if the quality was good. i'd be keeping them all to myself!

but overall, also because of the cost of the papers is expensive, which reduces the commitment to restock on the paper - it would be rare to be using this baby. I'd probably be printing my photos the old fashion way. and no more portable printers on my wishlist!

still appreciate the lovely gift. because the heart that counts! 
hope this will be helpful for others. but, i really wish they could improve on the performance and i'd bring it everywhere i go! hahaha

until next magical day,

Sunday, July 8, 2018

GUARDIAN 'Bye Bye' Eye masks series | Skincare Review

everyday our eyes are used so much, from waking up in the morning opening wide open all the way till we get our goodnight sleep! in between, let's include staring at the computer screen probably 8-10hrs a day, and also on the mobile screen for intervals which probably tops it off with 14hrs! and because our skin around our eyes are the thinnest and most delicate part, it requires regular boost in hydration. because tired eyes tend to make us look older and dull.

was roaming around the mask section in Guardian the other day! and these nicely priced eye masked caught me right handed! RM6.90 for 5pcs! instantly bought them to try out! and went back for more!

two word for these little cuties! 

Guardian's Bye Bye Series, are focused on masks sheets for the eyes! I bought all and tried it out. 
the series comes with 5 types of Bye Bye effects which focuses on their own distinctive labels. 
obviously i horded the bye bye panda eyes and tired eyes the most because those are my need -to -fix for my eyes! It is made of a 2-piece cotton soaked essence sheets with the shape made to fit your eye contour. 

Bye Bye 'Panda Eyes'
late nights and working long hours on the laptop are definitely the cause of the panda eyes, its actually also involved with our health and pigmentation from the sun/light exposure which somewhat contributes to it. i guess i'm a living breathing proof! the masks is believe to brighten the dark circles and recharges its radiance.  

AFTER FEEL: eyes feel much more moist and relaxed. however, panda eyes can't be really gone for the most obvious reasons. call me crazy or hallucinating, but it does feel a little lighter after a few use. just a slight shade lighter - doesn't really help if you're panda eyes is like mine.

SCENT: smells like a light coco powder milky. just as how it was stated on the packaging.

Bye Bye 'Tired Eyes'
the tired eyes are usually the caused of the lack of hydration and when we used too much staring at the lighted screens. Made with cucumber and Aloe Vera extracts, this little guy helps recharge the eye contour with supple hydration with a touch of Pomegranate essence too! 

AFTER FEEL: eyes feels more refresh! i like this one because it really did have a little cooling tinge to it. its great to put on mid-day to boost your tired eyes.

SCENT: light cucumber scent, which is quite authentic. calming and cooling perfect to rest your tired eyes. 

Bye Bye 'Stressful Eyes'
pampers the eyes with a radiant glow soothing away the effects of our everyday stress. made with Witch Hazel extracts and Melon! it is believe to brighten and hydrates our skin. 

AFTER FEEL: did not have any big impact to me, but i slept well after that. so maybe indirectly it helped soothes the eyes.

SCENT: suprisingly did not smell like melon at all! more like mild lemony citrus smell

Bye Bye 'Dehydrated Eyes'
fine lines and aging will speed up if we leave our eyes dehydrated. This masks has anti-oxidant avocado extract to help provides a nice moisturizing boost.

AFTER FEEL: eyes feels a little hydrated. leave a light sticky feel but super mild on the eyes as its quite watery during the place on period. no super magical changes or impact, just okay for relaxing the eyes. However, try not to get too near your eyes - this one left a little sting if the essence gets into the eyes

SCENT: smelled more like light melon instead of avocado.

Bye Bye 'Puffy Eyes' 
puffy eyes also known as under-eye bags are usually cause by irregular sleeping hours, though its not a problem to me, this masks is believe to better firm and smooths the skin around the eye area. 

AFTER FEEL: i don't really have puffy eyes, no bags for my eyes. so this kinda serves more of a firming mask and more towards to relaxation to me.

SCENT: light floral smell, quiet calming.

of course the effects like reducing dark circles can't be really seen as of yet, due to the random days I used them and inconsistency in purchases. but they do soothes and relaxes my eyes a lot whenever I use them and best part is that most of them do not stinggg! with great prices down to RM2 a piece!
for affordable prices, it works just so-so. no wow effects, but a good party pack or impromptu relax fix to the eyes.

do you do sheet eye masks? 

until next magical day,

Saturday, July 7, 2018

A Better Florist Makes The Deal Even Sweeter

There’s no denying there’s plenty of florists around in Malaysia, but finding a Malaysia flower delivery that offers all the right things, and has an incredible flower delivery at the same time isn’t something you can find often. When you find beautiful flowers, you’re often shocked by the price, and when the price is right, the bouquet isn’t really that amazing. Whatever the problem is, A Better Florist solved it, because they are dedicated to being that one florist that has it all.

Starting off with flowers, A Better Florist is different because they as a business make sure that they deliver locally sourced blooms to their store, so that the flower you get delivered are always perky, fresh and beautiful. On top of all that, they made it a point to have a very concise catalog of flowers that they offer, selling only the most beautiful and innovative creations they can come up with. That way, you won’t be swamped with too many choices, but you’ll always be able to find something truly different. If you need custom bouquets made for your special occasion, the best florist in Malaysia can tackle that task as well.

Solely with that, they managed to gain the trust and love of a lot of customers, and their flower delivery to JB, their KL flower delivery as well as their florist in Ipoh and the florist in Penang have their hands full every day. But being that their motto is that they want to enable everyone to have the most stunning flowers on hand, whenever they please, they don’t mind being busy.

In their collection, you’ll also find hampers, and a fruit basket catalog, which come as quite a pleasant addition to flowers they have, especially when it’s the holiday season. Whether it’s a hamper like their get well soon hamper, or a baby hamper which is popular for baby showers, you’ll be blown away with how they arrange it.

A Better Florist makes the deal even sweeter by offering a same day flower delivery, which is also free. The only condition is that you order before 3pm, but that’s it. If you do, you get to take advantage of this amazing flower delivery. If you’re wondering how this is even possible, it’s due to the fact that they immediately open up several flower shops and are able to deliver from the location that’s nearest to you.

While they are known as the best florist in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, they also got a lot of praise as the best florist in Brisbane, which only recently opened up, the best Singapore flower delivery which was the original place where it all started with the most gorgeous flowers Singapore has ever laid eyes on, the best UAE flower delivery and the best Hong Kong flower delivery.

A Better Florist offers the same service, whether as a flower delivery HK, their flower delivery to UAE, has or as the best florist in Dubai. You can always expect the same quality from them, the same, speedy flower delivery which makes for a great florist and a great gift delivery to count on.


until next magical day,

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Asian Fusion at Le Caffe & Salato | Karamunsing Capital

Sunday brunch made easy now that i found a quaint family spot that's quite reasonable and happy food for which i think would be perfect for my dad who's a full fledged Asian rice bowl. located inside Karamunsing Capital next to the old Boston restaurant, this simple yet modern cafe is a month old and is still taking baby steps improving in the cafe scene - but definitely a hands down experienced chef is cooking up one of the best chinese hawker delicacies serving meals close to home!


Salato Claypot Fragrant Loh Shu Fun –  RM9.80

their claypot loh shu fun was definitely a hit! and is definitely love at first bite for all of us there. I love how the wok taste is just nice and the flavour is light but just enough to light up your whole tastebud. the beaten egg sauce texture is just nice and the entire pot is at the right wet! 

Salato Tiger Prawn Carbonara – RM27.80

probably the fanciest among the menu. but also one of the impressive pastas i have ever tasted. the prawns are huge and the portion could actually feeds 2. Serving on Buttermilk Sauce, the pasta is infused with the fragrant of the Tiger Prawn and words just couldn't explain how impress i was with it! 

Salato Crab Fried Meehoon – Seasonal Chef’s Special

all hail best meehon i have ever tasted. i am personally is a meehoon kinda girl and i like my meehoon particularly dry. so this. was. really. super. duper. delicious. the meehoon, just like the pasta had the taste of the crab itself! the sweet fresh seafood taste of the crab and THE CRAB IS NICELY COOKED ITS SPRINGY AND SPOT ON! cooking crabs requires quite a skill to get the right texture, if its not cook enough, or over cooked you'd get a mushy texture. so yes. i used my hands to eat the crab, and i am proud! although its a little plain on the ingredients, but honestlyy- there is no better way to have it. Just Meehoon and Crab - my crab dream come true. nothing else needed. 
this menu comes only on the weekend depending on availability at a seasonal price.  


as you can tell, i'm a sucker for shellfish so yes! prawns and crabs will always have a bonus point. and considering the noodles was so infused with the seafood taste. I am surprise and amazed how the chef did it! and will definitely come back for that flavourful meal! Also a note to remember the portion are quite big and i'd recommend sharing. unless you're a big man.


Coconut Drink - RM8

tadaaa! yes! the super darn cute nicely HAND SANDED COCONUT DRINK is among the noteworthy yums for Le Caffe & Salato! home grown from their own kampung in Keningau - these babies are driven over weekly to serve you with the best refreshing pandan coconut!

 Salato Super Flavourful Fried Chicken Wings & Drumettes  – RM9.80

these fried chicken wings and drumettes was so flavourful! we couldn't stop munching on them. its marinated just nice full of bursting flavours the moment you bite on the crispy batter. but yet, its not too salty. so it gets you really addicted to it.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets – RM9.80

the homemade sausages were shaped in balls and its a great finger food! wrapped with bean curd skin, the meat and vegetables inside really holds the flavour well. sorta like fried siew mais but bigger. much bigger and yummier. 


so where's the fusion? they also have a variety cakes selection on display which are perfect for tea break or yumcha session. there's always room for desserts!

it was a really nice get together and thank you to clara for hosting us! 
check out the lovely ladie's love at first bite too! 


Le Caffe & Salato, Karamunsing Capital
Price Range : RM8 - RM35
serves no pork

Opening Hours:
Tues-Sun 10AM - 10PM
Monday closed day
Closed Every 2nd & 4th Monday

until next magical day

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Salted Egg Potato Chips Showdown! | IRVINS vs Golden Duck

jeng jeng jenggg! 
so i visited Singapore recently and all my friends have suggested me to the salted egg yolk chips/fish skins because they are the recent hype nowadays! and to my shock, yes! they are everywhere and a good variety of brands as well. but I hadn't had much time to really explore the options - so I went to try out for the 2 prominent ones that you can tell are probably a fair contender for this showdown. 

first off!
we have IRVINS Salted Egg Potato Chips! it took me a good 45mins queue for this purchase. and the people in front of me was buying 5-6packs each! it was sorta impulsive to me. it was my first try and I guess i might have regretted buying this limited amount. but it was also quite pricey among the competitors available. well, we shall see how it is so famous or its just because of the hype! because not only is the queue crazy, they sell off within the hour of delivery and it gets me super curious in what is in these bags of chips?!

definitely love the marketing strategy and their packaging, the graphics is spot on and i enjoy the creative side in creating that cute mascot they have. cute, yet edgy! the branding totally leaves an impression, which i think explains the queue and hype. 

they are selling at SGD16 for the large pack! thats around RM46+~! 
god save my wallet pocket.

the contender!
The Golden Duck - Gourmet Salted Egg Yolk Potato Chips! had recommendations for this brand and is to believe a well distributed brand! this brand can also be seen sold out in many places, but its available on the shelves of most supermarket and convenient stores, they have them 7-Eleven! 

the website is nicely clean-cut and simple to navigate! kudos to keeping that Asian feel to the design and details too. the packaging is not as eye catching as IRVINS, but a fair simplicity of brown that gets them stand out just as much! 

they are selling at SGD7 for their standard pack. thats around RM20+~! 
cheaper but still burns the wallet for potato chips. 



to be honest, they both tasted pretty similar with the strong salted egg seasoning while the potato thins and textures are probably my determining factor. so here's the verdict! 

IRVINS : A good equal amount of coating and salted egg taste. I like the fact that the potato taste is still prominent even though the seasonings are so strong! Plus point for being super light and crispy

GOLDEN DUCK : Has a stronger curry leaves and spice taste - if you have more you can actually taste the chilli and curry leaves. just as equally coated, but the crisp in the potato might have lacked that extra crisp! 


well, this is pretty obvious on the pricing! but if we do not convert it to Ringgit Malaysia,
as expected, the content is 50% of the package. In regards to this, I'd say Golden Duck might be a better option if you are craving the taste but do not want to burn your bank. 


both comes in resealable zips on the packaging. and are well packed to make sure the yummy goodness inside is still addictive. However, IRVINS wins as they have smaller pack versions that might be more suitable for people to munch on individually, while Golden Duck has a standard package which i'd believe its better to share. 

yes. the bigger packs might be more affordable but if you are not sharing, it might be too much your taste bud can handle. I obviously had a handful and is already out and looking for refreshing drinks to clear up. 


"nope. atleast not until the next 3-5months"
its definitely the hype going around that got everyone crazy for these goodies, they are really really tasty and might really get you addicted to it. but might not be long until you give up eating because of the strong salted egg taste. i'd probably won't be buying these until the next 3-5months. Main reasons being the price, but on personal thought - you can still find homemade recipes that might have cost much more less. 

would you line up for 45minutes to get these? 

until next magical day,

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Wangskin Milk & Rice Moisture Cleanser | Skincare Review

milk & rice has been pretty well known for skincare ingredients.

I am always on the look out for the right cleanser for myself, it's really important to find the right one.
i've gotten advices from friends and even facial advisors that it is important to keep our face hydrated. anti-wrinkle and brightening formulas are not core focus and sometimes its unecessary to the skin, because as we used them in the early age, we are exposing our skin to chemicals.

Hence! keeping them hydrated and clean is a really good basic that should be enough for us! of course follow up with toner and mosturizers.

so here, I am reviewing for 

Wangskin's girl skin Moisture Cleanser!

which i got this at a really affordable price on Althea during 11.11 sale! but it seems to gone in most of the k-care online shops now. to be honest i was sold from the packaging because i like how it looks like paint tubes. but that's not important!

did you know rice and milk are really good for the skin?
my aunt used to recommend us to keep the rice water we get when we wash our rice before we cook them, as embarrassing as it sounds. I honestly tried it a few times wayy back my school days out of curiosity and it really does have an effective bouncy after feel. tried and tested just a few hours ago again just to make sure i wasn't hallucinating or being stupid. now, now.

i really did some research on rice, and milk too just to support that i'm not weird washing my face with rice water! haha
rice water seems to promotes cell growth, stimulates blood flow, and helps keep your skin smooth and bright. it also has a natural whitening use and high in antioxidants! Courtney at Bustle also tried washing her face with Rice water for 1 Week!  here's some more the Beauty Benefits of Rice Water from One Good Thing and The Beauty Gypsy.

milk work to reduce wrinkles and boost collagen while smoothing skin overall, especially if you have dry skins, its very moisturizing!  and here's more Milk Benefits from dermatocare. Although the milk aspect has been already known to many where i see people have milk baths and all. 

its thick and as you wash it with a wet face, it gets  foamy, not too foamy though, as u can see i did a  wash test on my face, as u massage you'd get more white foams. but it wont be very bubbly. its a sticky feel to the foam, but washing it off with a sponge would be easier. 

yasss to soft squickyy feeling! to be honest i tried alot of face wash before and i dont like it if it leaves a uncomfortable oily feeling most of them are cream based hydrating too. but i'm never a fan.
so this squicky clean after feel i likey! and I can immediately feel the softness on my first try too!

powdery and milky, it also leaves a mild after smell after you've washed off. 

yes! with consideration to cost. I personally liked the after feel to it, and 1 tube lasted me 3months use with an everyday wash routine. but i'm not all stuck on to it, because there wasn't any wow factor to repurchase on a loop basis. i am sure there is much more face wash to explore until i find THE ONE. 

here's a look of the after results of my hand swatch. you can tell its softer! 

hope this review helps curious people who are looking for a change in face wash! I am down to almost the last few washes, any recommendation for my next face wash explore? leave a face wash recommendation down in the comments and i might give it a try! 

until next magical day,

Monday, April 9, 2018

Peripera Fashion People Carrier | Makeup Review

hey hey!

i have been always on-the-go lately for meetings and work related stuffs! while i do enjoy a good getaway sometimes to the big city, its always a hassle to pack. being a light and simple packer myself. I tend to avoid unnecessary stuffs and pack my needs. 

when i found out i won a giveaway from tammy! from her birthday giveaway post. i was in deep joyy because i get to try out this super cute travel carrier kit from Peripera and now i can really travel light minimizing myself to bring my giant makeup bag. thank you again tammy for the little makeup carrier and for the chance to win it! 

the kit comes with a DIY sticker set. and 5 miniature makeup essentials. had so much fun decorating the carrier, it was like childhood all over again where we stick stickers all over our books and toys. 
the cute little carrier can even extend handle and be pulled around just like a real travel luggage! 

so, going to be straight up honest, i was it a little disappointed with the size of the products because its really tiny and the bottle ain't that full for a week's application. probably 3-4 uses max. 

however, product wise was pretty impressive. 3 lip colours - 1 concealer - 1 multi-shadow

Petal-Like Lips
sweet light pink with the matte finish with a flowery smell too! 

Vivid Tint Water
the tint has a very watery texture but lasted really long, with quite a natural colour. smelled like apple, simply amazing!

Ink The Velvet
love the orangy bright red that comes with it! again, the colour holds quite well. fell in love with the sweet fruity smell. 

Ink Concealer
the concealer is pretty light! so if you have a tanner skin tone, it might not be suitable. even for myself, it was a little too overwhelmingly white. but its great for highlights and it blends quite well. 

Ink Multi Shadowing
i'm not really a pro at shadowing, but the colour is just nice for mild shadowing and blending with the concealer for a light contour. 

overall verdict? selling at the price RM118.12 on Hermo and RM99 on Althea
it's really really cute but definitely overpriced for a miniature set for me.

until next magical day,

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