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Monday, April 15, 2019

#Dressupyournails with Maniqure | Lifestyle Review

I have heard so much of Maniqure KK for the longest time and has been stalking their nail art personally! When I finally had the chance to try out the service for myself, I was ecstatic with excitement! Located in Lintas on 1st floor above Salim's in Lintas, you won’t miss the lovely turquoise trademark branding of theirs and the lovely setting of the salon. The salon has a really nice wall of flowers perfect for the ladies.

Its usually very rare for me to do manicures and pedicures as I always prefer simple designs which most of the time, I do them at home with my mom and sister. Given that my outfits are always very simple and too much blings usually overwhelms. But, Maniqure has so much variety even for simple designs. It was such a hard time to decide which one I wanted!

credits to Maniqure's instagram for all these lovely designs
Took me some to really decide after stalking their instagram, and blog and gallery on their website at and I finally decided on these few! couldn't narrow down to which one I really wanted because I loved them all. so I gave the lovely, Wasabi to decide for me. 

I was welcomed with a shockingly pretty dainty salon, and it was already calm and relaxing as I took off my shoes and got seated! Served with some honey tea as I wait for prepping, the whole session was a 2 hrs duration, but the entire time I was so happy to talk and interact with my artist while she do my nails, somehow feel a little guilty on breaking her concentration and attention while she work! – but if you’re not chatty, and prefers a quiet time they provide Ipad available for use as time fillers if you're up for a pedicure.


Here are some of their designs, and salute to the highest respect to the nail artists in Maniqure for great talents, and precision. You’d be able to compare the results below with the choices I choose above.


Just look at the beautiful results they have made my nails, painting my own nails will never be the same ever again! The attention to details and soft colours! And shiny sparkles! I was in awe and practically teared up a little for its beauty! It was my first time having matte nails too! so it was a nice blend of shiny gloss and clean matte! 


RESULTS  YASSSS! I love the simple yet detailed flower petals! a nice blend of matte and gloss! :) 
SERVICE  feel very welcome and they serve really nice tea as a plus! The place is clean and tidy!
STAFF  SUPER FRIENDLY BUNCH! its nice to see the team works so well with each other like family.  
PRICE  ranges around RM78 onwards for Gel manicure dependable on your designs. Overall for the quality i have gotten, I'd say its actually quite worth it. You may check out their services and price here! Maniqure Services

Please believe me when I declare that I converted into a girly girl who would probably be doing this more regularly on special occasions. Because it was so well worth it! And because every lady deserves to love themselves more often, which means pamper time to look good and why not start by #Dressupyournails! I am now super confident to flaunt my hands everywhere!

Feel free to reach out to them at the details below! and book yourself an appointment to try them out! 
If you're thinking of buying it as a gift! good news! they have beautiful gift cards available too!

Address : Lot 4-1 (PARCEL 0102), First Floor, Block B, Lorong Lintas Plaza 2, Lintas Plaza, 88300 Kota Kinabalu
Opening Hours : Friday - Wednesday (9AM-6PM) | Closed on Thursday
Contact: +6

 Thank you for having me Maniqure! I will definitely be back for my next dress up! 

Until next magical day,

MARCH Highlights

hello there! 

it's already the end of March! which is also end of the first quarter of the year! could you believe time really does flies by so fast, and as everyday we live through it - it's a real blessing from God. So much going on in March, which i think i spent the most this month, on well - skincares on promotions, facial packages, props and pretty stuffs, some flight tickets! yay will be going for Butterfly Party in April! super excited. Overall, i think my bank is crying this month. but I'd be stopping now - after my humidifier comes. time to work on some part-time stuffs to earn extra income? anyone wanna commission my noob artworks? haha 

  • Clean eating habit! yay I am now sugarless drinker and fried food at the most once a week chance with minimal cravings and limited consumption each time! I eat much less now, and i don't force myself to finish my plate, manage the portion part of my intake well this month.
  • Started to listen to music as much as I can  - current endless loop BTS (방탄소년단) - Answer: Love Myself & Shaun Way Back Home
  • Practicing self-love alot and meditate every night now - time to get myself a air humidifier! :P
  • Build up a everyday workout exercise habit! yay! slowly but surely. though aren't extreme exercise yet. 

  • I spent too much money this month! Time to really pull out an Expenses book to control myself! I have to really stop looking and scrolling in Shopee. Shopping is sadly addictive and easy nowadays. not good for the wallet. period.
  • To draw more on original pieces and explore styles and colouring - 3artworks/weekly goal
  • Time management and prioritization! Daytime job and juggle with Sides at night 
  • Online courses new skill learning on Udemy or Skillshare 
  • Work on HIIT Workout! 


let's start Q2 with a nice flower partyy! i am so excited for the upcoming months and to be better step-by-step! 

until next magical day,
Tuesday, March 26, 2019

JUST Eyebright Eyelid Spray | Review

Just fixing your eyes makes alot of difference! 

I am prone to dark circles because my lifestyle and energy pretty much channels at its best at night, which it guess it's somewhat unhealthy in-a-way. Also because my skin is more sensitive toward pigmentation, i believe it contribute to my weaker periorbital skin - better know as the skin around our eyes which alot of studies have shown that they are 10x thinner than our skin and requires much tender loving care. 


Last year, I won a lucky draw from Breeze's 10th Birthday Party, which was a RM150 voucher for JUST products, heard of the products through some friends but wasn't really into it because of the price point, which was on a higher end as i know i could not have sustained a regular purchase. Alison for Kota Kinabalu's representative was very friendly and i really appreciate her sincere and nice personality during the sharing session as we did a trial session to see which product i was interested in for the brand. 

As the products are flew in directly from Switzerland, the brand actually carries quite a recognition for its product ingredients and a lot of feedback are positive on the usage and results! especially for their herbal creams and skincare line. feel free to check out their website for more information on particular products at for more information.

Finally, i decided on JUST Eyebright Eyelid Spray which was RM148 on retail price. As it claims to relieve the tiredness of the eyes and is suitable for people like me who pretty much has a screen at work and at home on most of the day at an average of 12-15 hours. You may check out detailed write-up on there website too! at this link here 


THE TEXTURE feels like mist/water as it comes with a spray tube. I usually spray it on my fingers and then dab it on my eyelids because of the watery texture, absorbs quite well. 

THE SMELL has the light scent of Euphrasia Flower, which is the 2nd main ingredient in the list after Water, which is a herbaceous flowering plant known for treating eye infections. 

THE AFTER-FEEL it stings a little if it get caught in your eyes or the inner parts of the eyelid. but overall does hydrates the eye area because you will feel the eye area much softer, and you'd feel much more refresh cause it has a minty feel to the eyes upon applications and then goes away quite fast. 1 spray is honestly quite alot. 

REPURCHASE? i only use it in the morning routine after my toner and before my eye cream, so it will last me longer. even though i probably need it much more often than that morning spray. but the cost of a small 20ml spray to me at RM148 is sadly too expensive! if it wasn't for the voucher, i don't think i'd ever buy it on my own. Hence, I don't think i'd be able to repurchase this because of the costs but will consider on their herbal creams instead - they might be more worth it and helps tackle skin conditions better. 


hey guys, those are my thoughts on the Eye Bright Eyelid Spray by JUST! they are quite popular with their wellness herbal creams which i had the chance to tryout during a free trial session. That i think might be more suitable on a more daily use catering sensitive skin types and certain issues towards your skins.

until next magical day,
Thursday, February 28, 2019

Cosrx PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream & Low PH PHA Barrier Mist | Skincare Review

Dehydrated skin condition alert! what better way it to save it with Cosrx's PHA Cream Speacial Set? 
I have heard so much on Cosrx for being the holy grail brand for pores and acne prone skins, where they focus more on the ingredients and the products with the minimal attention to their packaging. To be fair, i think their packaging is minimalist and lovely and the cute marketing doctor uncle is enough to leave a lasting impression for the brand. 

I first started to know and is probably convinced by the brand from my dear friend of mine, chubs. Never heard of the brand before because being in East Malaysia, we tend to get a limited exposure on the available physical stores that sells them, unless we look them online or stumble upon skincare bloggers and reviews. So, she shared me the secret to her holy grail because i've known her for a lot of years now, and she has sensitive skin with a serious case of breakouts and acne. Until the day I got reunited with her in Singapore - yeap. flawless skin. and i was utterly curious! 

the range mixture she was using wasn't exactly for acne skin too. it was a general all-skin type products! so that explains why my current skincare routine has a whole majority of it are of Cosrx brand. yay!  

To make it short, I saw the PHA Cream Special Set that comes with both the PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream and the Low PH PHA Barrier Mist at a very affordable price online and decided to give it a try because I am in fact looking for moisturizer to cure my forever dehydrated skin. 


The PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream thus far using it for almost a month, has really shown some significant smoothness to my skin and I somewhat believes it helps minimize my pigmentation to be worsen, because every time i go for facial - my beauticians will tell me that i have super dry skins and the only was to solve my freckles and pigmentation problem is to fix my hydration.

THE TEXTURE Light cream/gel type and feels like pudding and spreads really nicely on the face easily. a little amount is enough to cover the entire face. a few daps is enough. 

THE SMELL Little to no smell at all. was not use to it in the beginning because i like my products with a nice floral or fruity scent. this was probably watery cream smell with a hint of coconut-ish that i believe will be suitable for sensitive skin. 

THE AFTER-FEEL It leaves a smooth finish but also has a sticky feel to it, although its not as badly on the stickiness until you can't sleep on pillows and such. It has a light feel of stickiness that actually dries off in the morning, which means given extended time - the sticky feel will ware off somehow as it gets absorbs into your face. 

REPURCHASE? Yes, but will be open for options because the results was really really good to my face. but I didn't really like the sticky after-feel to it. but this will be a go-back-to product even after I have found my next best option. 


The Low PH PHA Barrier Mist comes in a superr nice thin bottle and the mist is also light and you'd definitely use it for daily sprays just to keep your face fresh and retain the moisture. I try to use it during morning and mid-day with just a few sprays, but best feeling is when you have a bare make-up free face. The product alone does cost quite a lot and having it in the bundle set was a really good deal because. honestly, I never really use mist - because it feels like an extra that in fact quite costly to spray water-like ingredients to the face that might be evaporated within the few seconds.  

but nonetheless - I would totally repurchase it a gain if it comes in an affordable set or if it's on reasonable promotional price because this really had a nice bouncy after-feel after the spray. 


Highly recommends if you're seeking for a hydrating moisturizer to try out, because it does deliver results within a weeks time usage. I personally might be converted to a Cosrx brand cult follower, if you'd like to read more on my Cosrx skincare review, stay tune for my Toner and Essences Review coming soon! 

until next magical day,

FEBRUARY Highlights

it's already end of February!
time really does blink and pooff its already the next month gone. Some of the random highlights as I am practicing the gratitude acknowledgements. it's actually working well, 

  • Spend Chinese New Year with the family - simple gatherings and collected quite an amount of red packets! yay to the bank account - boo cause it might go to skincare shopping! 
  • Started drawing/doodling again and started an artblog on Instagram, support me at @mochirou.arts if you'd like to stalk my noob drawings. 
  • Feng Shui Master Dato Joey Yap says, its my health year where I focus on my health and I have big potential success in creative field. looks like I'm on the right track with diet and drawing. 
  • Started off my fitness journey to lose some weight - clean eating and daily simple HIIT workouts.
  • Sleep time by 12am at most to minimize dark circles.

  • No buy-month! do not purchase anything unnecessary - no skincare until i finish up supplies
  • Continue 8-hours eating habit - and clean eating - no more ice creams!
  • practice more self-love - meditate and sleep early! 

Good job! let's march into March with more proper plans and motivation to keep me consistent! 

until next magical day,
Sunday, February 10, 2019

What to Know about the Colors of Grand Opening Flowers? | Little Flower Hut

credits to Little Flower Hut
There is a myriad of choices when looking for grand opening flowers. Sending grand opening flowers to a friend can be the best way for you to express your congratulatory message. You can choose from different types and colors of flowers to make the arrangement cheerful and lively to offer your guests a better atmosphere. 

Remember earlier guest posts on Saving your wallet for Valentine's day?  Today Little Flower Hut will be sharing a little more on Grand Opening Flowers! Never knew there was meaning towards the choice of flowers myself. 

credits Little Flower Hut

Listed below are some of the colors of flowers for a grand opening and their meanings.

  • Yellow Flowers – Color yellow stands for a happy beginning, wonderful celebration, and warm greetings. You can look for flowers such as calla lily, roses, tulips, and sunflowers that are perfect for different arrangements.
  • Orange Flowers – If you want to express your sincere greetings for a much-awaited opening of a business then you can look for flowers in orange color. This can make any arrangement stands out and also provides a warm and happy mood.
  • Pink Flowers – Color pink flowers are not only for lowers or teens. This color can also be perfect for a grand opening that symbolizes happiness and respect. Choose from various pink flowers such as stargazers, roses, anthuriums, and orchids.

How to Order for Grand Opening Flowers?

If you are searching for grand opening flowers then you can simply go online where you can find lots of arrangements to choose from. This will also give you the chance to save money on flowers because you can easily compare the cost and even take advantage of the discounts. Sending grand opening flowers can be a way for you to welcome a new business or to show your support especially if it is connected to your company.

This can be a simple way for you to reach out to your loved ones and wish them success for their newly-opened business thus providing them greater positive support. Besides, you don’t have to visit a flower shop to look for the best grand opening flowers knowing that you can already acquire the service of a florist online. With different devices that you can connect to the internet, all you have to do is to look for a website where you can have plenty of grand opening flowers and arrangements to choose from. In fact, there are florists online that could offer you an express delivery service so you don’t have to worry about ordering grand opening flowers the last minute if ever that you failed to do it early.


with good dates are such a big thing for this lunar new year! this will be a good heads up if you have friends and families who are having opening ceremonies for their business.

Today's sharing was prepared by the team at Little Flower Hut! 

for more information on their services visit them at

until next magical day,


Friday, February 8, 2019

Budget Friendly Tips for Valentine's Day Flowers | Little Flower Hut

Credits to David Chung on Flickr

One of the busiest times for flower shop is Valentine’s Day. This is the moment where you can see lots of flowers around presented in stunning arrangements. It is known to be the popular gift on Valentines that you can give to your loved ones. You don’t have to spend time searching for a gift that could make your girl smile because a bouquet of flowers is enough to make them feel loved. However, it is expected that flowers are expensive during this occasion so here are some useful tips that you can consider if you want to save a penny on Valentine’s Day flowers.


Today we are having a guest post from Little Flower Hut! Valentine's day is around the corner, and what better way to make that pretty girlfriend of yours happy with flowers. 

How to Save on Flowers on Valentine’s Day?

Not everyone can spend on an expensive bouquet just to impress their girl. Yet, you don’t have to go for a sophisticated arrangement just to let your girl know how much you love her. In fact, even a single rose is enough for you to make her smile on Valentine’s Day. If you are looking forward to saving money on Valentine’s Day, then here are some tips that could help you cut the cost of the flowers.

  • It is expected that florists will surely offer you certain deals to catch your attention. Yet, this might only require you to spend much so it is best that you avoid such offers or specific bundles.
  • It will always be an advantage if you know something about the costs of the flowers before Valentine’s Day so you can have an idea if there is a great increase with the cost.
  • Making an early reservation will always be a good idea if you want to save on flowers. Express flowers delivery will surely be expensive knowing how busy florists are on Valentine’s Day.
  • Always check the prices online so it would be easier for you to find a florist that could offer you the flowers at a cheaper cost.
  • Check if the florist has amazing offers or if they can provide you discounts for various flower arrangements.

You can always make Valentine’s Day memorable by sending flowers to your loved ones. In fact, you can send flowers anytime to express your love because you can easily get a flower delivery online instead of going to a flower shop. This can be an opportunity for you to send your message without saying a word because flowers signify love, appreciation, thankfulness, and sincerity.


I know a few friends who would prefer their other half not buy them flowers because they costs so much, but honestly there's no harm once in awhile for this little gestures because it still puts smiles to faces. The happiness really does pays off. 

Today's helpful tips was well shared by the team at Little Flower Hut
for more information on their services visit them at 

until next magical day,