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Saturday, April 18, 2015

relationship goals | feat Puuung

these set of pictures have been going around facebook lately. there's so much awwwwww in it!
The artist, Puuung did an amazing job capturing the moments. well, every girl's dream to be honest to have these little things. pfft too much dramas infused into our brains. but hey, these really made me smile. posted here are some of my favourites! i would post the whole album, but go see them for yourself in her portfolio page! and find your own favourite moments she drew. from the links below. 

thank you, for giving me some of these myself. 

i can't read korean, here's her page details. 
happy stalking  admiring! 

all picture credits to Puuung

Puuung | 퍼엉

until next magical day,

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