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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

life quotes from our childhood

stumbled upon this on designtaxi the other day, soo needed this as a push to get my workload of me.
i kept them quotes as notes for my letterings when i have more time to practice!
these childhood memories are part of me for sure. been learning from disney,
even up to today, and the 90's cartoons kinda made me reminisce a little,
ahh~ those were the days.

let me tell you a secret, i've wanted to be a part of disney, to be part of the animation team. back when i was small, i have alot of dream occupations, maybe i'll leave that for next time.


infographic credits to AAA State of Play | DesignTaxi


on a side note, i can't believe is already the month of mayyyy!
been going crazy with my assignments and final year thesis paper. gahhh.

hope these inspires you just as it has taught me as i grow with the characters. 

until next magical day,

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  1. Thanks for still dropping by my page x Lovely blog you have btw! :D

    1. thank you for visiting too! :D still kinda tweaking it up. been on a too long hiatus.