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Sunday, May 17, 2015

the langkawi escape @ Yellow Cafe, Cenang Beach

Just came back from my short escape to Langkawi island recently, yes. imprisonment from assignments is saddening and depressing because of the research papers and never ending assignments. so we ran away. literally for 2days! haah. 

Langkawi is an island known for its duty free heaven for wines, beers & cigars. and not forgetting chocolates. chocolates and chocolates! but this time around we didn't go for chocolates. we went beach chilling by the beautiful Cenang beach. was really grateful for the nice weather too!

so we found a really cozy place by the beach, and sat enjoying food and the view for a few hours getting our stressful mind off assignments at the Yellow Cafe. 

fell in love with the cozy interior and the yellow everything! but according to the owner, the cafe was named yellow because of his nickname. and not of the yellow concept that had in mind. Thierry/Yello was a really friendly owner! Feel free to chat and say hello. (:

the food was really at big portion and it was satisfying for self-declared prison escapees like us. its was really yummy too! the salad itself was enough for a personal meal. I ordered the salad Luxembourg, cause i felt like having mushrooms over my salmon cravings. 

overall a really nice place to chill and just relax by the beach. 

definitely will come back again! 

Yellow Beach Cafe, Cenang Beach Langkawi
12pm - 1am, closed on Tuesdays | facebook
Price range : RM18-RM30 

until next magical day, 

2 comments on "the langkawi escape @ Yellow Cafe, Cenang Beach "
  1. i dont remember there is such a nice cafe during my last visit which was years ago! haha
    hopefully i will get to go for a short getaway soon too! =D

    Your Finance Doctor

    1. hello henry! (:
      you should visit langkawi again, its really a cozy place there with a good beach view.
      i highly recommend!