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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

tribute to sabah earthquake | 5June2015

taken from kinabalu pine resort, in the morning. trust me. i never wake up early any day. but that was one of the best mornings

these pictures where taken a few months ago. i miss home so muchh now. 

taken from KKIA, departure hall. also a morning sunrise, with riko.

a tribute and my prayers goes to those who have suffered great loss during the mt. kinabalu earthquake back at home. the sudden earthquake occurrence was a shock to everyone, especially me, sabah? earthquake? wha-at? being away from home, i was really worried when i heard about the news considering it was a 6.0 magnitude.

i personally have felt a small shake in japan once, that was just a minor case said my japanese host papa, and it was quite a shake for a minor one. i can't imagine how a 6.0 magnitude would have been. i hope it never returns. 

until next magical day,