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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekend Malacca | Pre-Graduation trip

before we say our goodbyes and well, going on the next stages of life. ehem. jobsearching and future decision making problems. me and ma homies, went for an escape to malacca!  historical buildings, nyonya houses and foods, and crepe cake. lmao 

we mainly covered all the ravings and must-visits in malacca town. it was mainly a short escape from the city, there's quite a number of locals who enjoy a short road trip down to Malacca too!

the river cruise is highly recommended! it was quite impressive with the colours on the buildings by the river.  it's RM15.90 on weekends, and RM10.90 on weekdays for Malaysian rates. these are all taken during the boat ride.

Klebang coconut shake, checked! which was okay vanilla-coconut shake to me. but it was really goood on a hot day, people were all over the place queue-ing up for take-away. you'd need to drive about 45mins away from town though. but it's worth a try if you enjoy a good coconut recharge.

Chicken rice balls. checked! was chicken rice to me. hahaha with cutely molded balls of rice, which was abit too soft to our likings. but the locals recommends this place to us! it's quite nice. but on personal note, we all prefered normal chicken rice. its a state thing i guess.

wanted the dino slippers so badly! shooo cute! 

jonker street on the weekends. the usual must-go when you're in Malacca town! alot of trinkets and interesting shops along the road, mostly selling souvenirs. but along the road there would be food stalls and this-and-thats selling.

we stopped by the Mamee shop too!

well, honestly speaking, there wasn't much to wow about. the foods at jonker street was quite a disappointment cause it was expensive and so-so. haah. the best part would've been nadeje crepe cakes, sam suk kung's milktea, the river cruise and me being with my friends of course!

till next magical day,
2 comments on "Weekend Malacca | Pre-Graduation trip"
  1. Such a beautiful sight. Thanks for sharing this! :)

    1. :D thank you for dropping by.
      if you're in malaysia, melaka is one of the historical places to go visit!