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Friday, August 7, 2015

The One Coffee & Bakery @ Hue, Vietnam

hey guys! just got home from my Vietnam trip. still sorting out the pictures and all. but im here to put you at awe of this particular cafe we stumble upon in Hue, Vietnam. there wasn't much cafe or coffee hangout places in Hue. but this. the cafe is new cause we saw the boss still tweaking with the furniture arrangements and shipments of sofas came in too.

and the interior just blew me away. literally. hipster cafe craze. because i love interior designs. so much effort in aesthetic and environment. even the toilet was super creative! but i forgot to take a picture of the toilet tho. so i'll leave that for you to find out yourself. trust me. you'd be surprise with what you can do with commonly found little things around.

that wall tho, had to selfie. 

not the best one. oh wells. 

teacup seating - is pure genius. nuff said. they got it from an amusement park! this little teacup seatings lets private dates and small gatherings to have their own personal space.

so, we ordered their selections of ice blended.
i'd highly recommend for cookies and cream! 

so don't just take my word for it, drop by to experience the creative cafe yourself in Vietnam! 

the One Coffee & Bakery 
6.30am - 10.30pm | monday - sunday | facebook
price range : 28k VND - 35k VND  

until next magical day,
6 comments on "The One Coffee & Bakery @ Hue, Vietnam"
  1. Wow, that's one, unique cafe. :)
    The seats reminded me of Disneyland. :D

    1. yes yes! reminded me of the spinning cups ride! :D

  2. this is such a graet cafe, love the cup seating ^^

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    1. (: right? you'd love it when you get to visit!

  3. Totally obsessing over the teacup seating! I kind of want one for my future house hahaha!