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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

graduation | goodbye UniMAP

i'm officially graduated. remember my previous post of how to survive post-graduate symptoms?
haahh. did everything i would have no regrets of. well, been busy with my future arrangements lately, grad prep, travels, and work. i can't believe its already September, and today is already the last day of September. haven't had the time to post alot for this month, -wake me up when September ends~

i went back to perlis early, for a personal walk down memory lane for remembrance. honestly, i'm going to miss the place. even if its not the best of the best. but i did learnt alot, be it as a student, as a person or a business consultant. it will be a new chapter in life.


grad day kinda marks everyone's last day as a degree student. it was a roller coaster ride indeeed. but i guess i could say, i did not regret. not even one bit to not proceed as a science major. BUSINESS STUDIES ARE WAYY MORE INTERESTING AND FUN. and look! i'm happy!
here's some tips on how i survive too! 

well, enough of pictures of the special day. today's post is kinda dedicated to the guardians of my school that has helped me gone through my days in university. 

  • a friend, lecturer, and a brother mr Fazlee. thank you for making me feel at home and support me in my industrial training to Japan. and for always having faith in my studies. pfft, in fact he's more confident with my grades than myself. you're the best bro!
  • one of the amazing lecturers i've met. mdm Tengku. trust me. i've never gotten the chance to attend her classes, but that one time asking her about a program, it magically changes everything, we suddenly became buddies. she's quite a role model i may say.
  • it was an honour, deputy dean. mdm Tunku. one of the best people i've known even it was only for my third year. she was always helpful and motivating. thank you for the tough and inconvenient days where i bug her for all my  matters.
  • my final year project guru, mr Rosli. thanks for all advice and guiding the lost puppy how had to start research methodology from scratch.
  • my university papa, life advisor, crazy gym boss, mr Raziff. thanks for those 'come on-' days and any random days.

it was a real honour to be awarded best Industrial Student too!
above all, I am glad I made my parents the two the best happy people proud for raising me up. 
love you ma, & pa. 

until next magical day,
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  1. Woooho congrats girl! Such a massive achievement, you should be so proud and I am proud of you! Let the new chapter begin! <3