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Friday, October 30, 2015

The Infirmary: haunted house challenge

i can't believe i agreed myself into this.
never really was a haunted movie nor anything spooky kind of person! lmao
i am weak hearted. shit.

i think i cursed vulgar so much in that little haunted house that the whole mall might have heard me.
the queue would be a little cleared up by now as its already the mid-month for the little activity.

if you're super hyped on haunted movies and haunted houses and stuffs.
you'd enjoy and have fun for sure. if you're like me. HAHAHAHA just pass and save yourself.
 unless you did a dare and you have no way escaping it like i did. then, good luck.   

you can even consider dressing up for halloween! i wonder if they'd let you in? 

The Infirmary
Imago KK Times Square Shopping Mall, Centre Court 
16th October 2015 - 15th November 2015 

spend RM50 in any outlets in Imago in a single receipt
and you shall take on the challenge with 3-4 buddies.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

until next magical day,
Thursday, October 8, 2015


other great inspiring random acts from colormekatie, redhongyiimproveverywherekerismith have long inspired me as i read there usually posts and decided why not do my part in making the community happier by little gestures that would put a smile on their faces? well, it doesnt have to be big things. everything have to start small right?

so, i started planning for my own smile project back a few months ago. and have started on my random acts of kindness. will post them up soon as i goes. here's a piktochart i made myself!

What is the Project About?

The Smile Project isn’t new, and nothing exceptionally big but its more encouraging towards little steps and gestures everyone could take to make the place we live in a little more positive and mainly about making someone’s day- Anyone’s day. Its base on the act of kindness concept, I am sure many have heard of it! 

And some have done amazing gestures to the community! But as easy as it may sound, we tend to take it for granted and actions are in fact a lot harder than said. The society we live in now, kind of need this little gestures slowly it restores people’s perceptions and who knows open up hearts more easily.

I’m no big organization. I don’t need one, i just need everyone. because there is so much for an individual to contribute in the project with just simple everyday gestures. Everyone needs that little spark that puts a smile back and motivates us to move forward for great day. And I realize we need more of these little acts of kindness around. Period.

The project is to build awareness and in hopes to open minds, hearts and souls.
I will be blogging on the project with little gestures i did- anyone could do, encouraging everyone to take part whenever, wherever, whoever.

I admit im quite a pessismist and a person who’s always thinking on risks and what ifs this and this happens and which makes it stressful and vulnerable sometimes. See. When people makes my day with a candy.  Or a sticky note of encouragement. It pumps up a lot of happy pills.

The origin of this little project

Psst, I’ll tell you a secret, all my birthday candles where we make a birthday wishes.

Every since I knew about birthday wishes, back when I was really really young, let’s face it. we never really knew what we wanted for realz. The best would be some toys we really wanted. But I didn’t want to waste my birthday wish on toys. There were too many things I wanted and I am an indecisive child. I still am. So I generalized everything. I picked the best. That is,

"I wish for everyone around me, friends and family to be happy always. " 
Or to be happy together. 
Mainly cause I wanted to be a happy child with all I want.

Thinking about it, I have always used my birthday wish for everyone. Should’ve asked for a jackpot aye? But whether it was true that birthday wishes come true or not. I usually know deep down, every year at least I secretly know I was part of it. Whether or not it was happening? I can say generally everyone is happy, not always- but overall happy. As cliché as it may be, I kept it as an annual wish. Simple and good. Cause I had nothing I wanted in particular and no need think so many when the candles light up and I can take more pictures. HAAAHA

Believe it or not. And as I always end my prayers with ‘happy family, Amen’.. don’t ask why it ends with happy family. But I think we, all 3 siblings do that too. And I am glad. I indeed have a happy family I am still grateful and happy.

I now think it was my calling. 
i'm trying out for Digi WOWWW Awards too!

little things can really make anybody's day. do your part in making a difference to the community. and have fun! it can be anything from thank yous to flowers to a random shop owner. the feeling of accomplishment, making someone's day is magical as you see wide smiles on people's face. somehow or rather it would make you happy too!

here are other random act of kindness ideas to get you started. (:
or your can come up with ideas that you can relate to!

just click for the labels, 

until next magical day, 
Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Inktober Challenge | the doodle comeback

its the time of the month again! October-ehem. i mean, Inktober!

its a challenge created by mr. Jake Parker, the initiative is to encourage artists to ink out doodles and artworks for the month to practice our drawing skills and to tweek up that artblock. honestly, its been awhile since i last drawn anything. really misses sketching and doodling. so i'm taking up the challenge and draw again.

every year, amazing artists take up the challenge too! you can simply search up on social sites with the hashtag #inktober to admire amazing ink works. 

31 inks for 31 days.

here's part I 

a little rusty.
those proportions tho. hahaha but i had fun. miss drawing so much!


i'd most probably be posting weekly doodles of 7days. 
search up #inktober tagg on my blog to keep yourself updated. 

until next magical day,