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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Inktober Challenge | the doodle comeback

its the time of the month again! October-ehem. i mean, Inktober!

its a challenge created by mr. Jake Parker, the initiative is to encourage artists to ink out doodles and artworks for the month to practice our drawing skills and to tweek up that artblock. honestly, its been awhile since i last drawn anything. really misses sketching and doodling. so i'm taking up the challenge and draw again.

every year, amazing artists take up the challenge too! you can simply search up on social sites with the hashtag #inktober to admire amazing ink works. 

31 inks for 31 days.

here's part I 

a little rusty.
those proportions tho. hahaha but i had fun. miss drawing so much!


i'd most probably be posting weekly doodles of 7days. 
search up #inktober tagg on my blog to keep yourself updated. 

until next magical day,
2 comments on "Inktober Challenge | the doodle comeback"
  1. Wow! Nice drawing! Takes me back to my childhood memory, I used to have coloring books with drawings like yours. Lovely!

    1. ngawww thanks! its been a few years since i stopped drawing.
      :D its a lil rusty. but im glad it brought you back memory lane abit~ cause i did too!
      back in those days when manga books were quite popular..