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Friday, October 30, 2015

The Infirmary: haunted house challenge

i can't believe i agreed myself into this.
never really was a haunted movie nor anything spooky kind of person! lmao
i am weak hearted. shit.

i think i cursed vulgar so much in that little haunted house that the whole mall might have heard me.
the queue would be a little cleared up by now as its already the mid-month for the little activity.

if you're super hyped on haunted movies and haunted houses and stuffs.
you'd enjoy and have fun for sure. if you're like me. HAHAHAHA just pass and save yourself.
 unless you did a dare and you have no way escaping it like i did. then, good luck.   

you can even consider dressing up for halloween! i wonder if they'd let you in? 

The Infirmary
Imago KK Times Square Shopping Mall, Centre Court 
16th October 2015 - 15th November 2015 

spend RM50 in any outlets in Imago in a single receipt
and you shall take on the challenge with 3-4 buddies.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

until next magical day,
5 comments on "The Infirmary: haunted house challenge"
  1. What a scary attraction. I would like to give a try. xD

    1. it's the best one in town so far.
      but i aint going back in even if it was freee!

  2. Hope you had a great Halloween! Gotta love getting scared... or not so much! I think the best part is scaring other people! :p

    1. hahaha noooo~
      i was never really a fan of horror and spooky stuffs.
      but there is some fun in it. kinda.

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