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Sunday, November 15, 2015

UNIQLO! finally is here! | IMAGO KK Times Square

 "welcome to uniqlo. hello-welcome to uniqlo"

YAY for UNIQLO opening in sabah! you have no idea how happy i am when i heard the great news.
most of my outfits are simple plain tees or checkered shirts. and skinnys or shorts. and when UNIQLO came to kota kinabalu city, i was super happy i don't have to fly kuala lumpur to buy them anymore. 

just in time for my work & travel trip too! when i need to stock up winter wears. it was immediate 'sapu' for me. i bought so much! their heat tech line and super light down jackets. omgg i wanna buy the whole shop please. HAHAHAHA

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Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu & IMAGO KK Times Square, Kota Kinabalu

until next magical day,

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Adidas StellaSport Launch | Imago KK Times Square

look at these colourful sportswear! Stella McCartney's designs are quirky and daring.
jammed packed with neon burst of colours!

i was really excited for the preview of Adidas's StellaSport Fall Winter collection launch!

was really happy to meet new people too!

the vibrant colour are so tempting. 
this i likey in particular, even a non-sporty person like me feels like having it just for kicks.
 im not so adventurous with bright colours - but these i have to admit are super nice!


and and here's something cute i found on their website! 

a chance to win Adidas StellaSport outfit online!  HERE's the link. yay!

Adidas StellaSport also have their own Tumblr as their dedicated social platform too! 
okay, can stalk for nice sporty outfit mix&match. 


you can visit Adidas outlet in ImagoKK for these amazing pieces
 brought to you by Graceone Sdn Bhd.

until next magical day,