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Saturday, May 21, 2016


omg yas yas yas! okay, was super excited when uber is finally launched in kk! for a person who highly dependent on carpooling. I CAN NOW PARTY AND YUMCHA WHENEVER AND AINT NEED NOBODY TO PICK ME UP NOW. haha seriously. 

john with his puns. this was hilarious.

was super happy and fun time with the Uber peeps! these are super amazing coolio buds that magically clicks within a day. so fun working with you guys!

yeap, been sharing and introducing kk people on Uber. its still new, but its getting there!
UberKK also has the cash option available for those who hasn't have cards to swipe or prefer a more traditional method of payment. 


the thing about UberKK is that we got super friendly drivers! 

and the best part is! I HAVE A CODE TO SHARE!

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for more information on
until next magical day,
Monday, May 16, 2016

Gulu-Gulu | A tribute to the past

It was an honour to be able to be here in this amazing annual event for Sabah.

SabahFest is an annual event that introduces our sabahan cultures, from local delicacies all the way up to fashion and even traditions to the people, be it tourists, semenanjung peeps, and even for our own locals. yes. I 'sampah lau'. hahaha that's why I had an extra good time!
in kadazandusun is 'a long time ago' similar to the Malay word, 'Dulu'

this year, Gulu-Gulu was the main theme that tells the story of our dear Sabahan legendary warrior, Mat Salleh during the colonial era. it was a musical theatre where the story is presented through dance, songs and music through the timelines of historical significance.

did you know it was believe that his wife, was believe to have mystical powers and that she cannot put her feet on the ground? I especially enjoy the colours and costumes throughout the play! so much blings yet so authentic to Sabah's culture.

an all time favourite closing with Tinggi-Tinggi Gunung Kinabalu!

this year's features ethic groups on stages via traditional dances and costumes includes Kadazan Penampang, the Dusun Liwan of Ranau, Bajau Sama of Semporna, Suluk Sandakan, and the Dusun of Tambunan.

they had handicraft and traditional food showcases as well!
get a taste of Sabah! Hinava is always my favourite.

until next magical day,
Wednesday, May 11, 2016


yes. super sorry for being away for so long. I sort of regretted not bringing my laptop for the trip.
but I guess its still too heavy for me no matter how much I think about it.

so yes! I am home, back in Malaysia! as much as I was freezing cold in the States, I sort of miss it now due to the crazy heat we're having here. please plant more trees, global warming is definitely serious right now.

so just an update! i'm still sorting pictures and posts! stay tune for my trips' insights.
I've been busy applying for jobs and working on some little projects. like any other graduate, I guess I am the only one left jobless for now among my university buds. but yes. as long as I'm being productive in a way! plus will be moving soon, so I've been packing and clearing stuffs which explains the sudden disappearance even though I have been back for almost a month!
until next magical day,