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Saturday, May 21, 2016


omg yas yas yas! okay, was super excited when uber is finally launched in kk! for a person who highly dependent on carpooling. I CAN NOW PARTY AND YUMCHA WHENEVER AND AINT NEED NOBODY TO PICK ME UP NOW. haha seriously. 

john with his puns. this was hilarious.

was super happy and fun time with the Uber peeps! these are super amazing coolio buds that magically clicks within a day. so fun working with you guys!

yeap, been sharing and introducing kk people on Uber. its still new, but its getting there!
UberKK also has the cash option available for those who hasn't have cards to swipe or prefer a more traditional method of payment. 


the thing about UberKK is that we got super friendly drivers! 

and the best part is! I HAVE A CODE TO SHARE!

just key-in 
at your promo code bar to
claim that free ride!  

for more information on
until next magical day,
2 comments on "UBER IS NOW IN KK! "
  1. I don't know why but I'm scared to try out Uber. It's probably decently safe but I don't know. Be safe on it! Thanks for the promo code. I'll use it if I ever get to trying it out!

    1. hey vanessa! its super safe! i used to be quite paranoid myself, but Uber has this pretty nifty option to send out links to your family and friends that is something like a live GPS that views the car's journey. so all the hoo-haa on kidnapping is a little at ease. they send you an official receipt in your email so its basically no cheats on rides/meters.

      you're most welcome dear! give it a try! the first ride is free anyway if you key in the code! (: