Sunday, June 26, 2016

7 TV series that i should really get back to..

hey guys! today i'll be sharing my all time favourite series! they are in no particular order, partly because they are all equally exciting and appealing to me! i personally enjoys fantasy, comedy and modern life related ones. not much of a sci-fi person so you'd see no starwars. hahaha

and because my love for Game of Thrones is ending with this finale, i have another whole year to wait for the next season! omgggg! i guess its time to dig out these series and continue with their following seasons, so far the most binge worthy series i had would be..
Game of Thrones and Once Upon A Time.

so here's the list!

1. Drop Dead Diva
if you enjoy solving court cases and comedy, this is all in. each episode has a new court case to serve while it revolves on Deb, a fashion model who died but came back to life in a body of Jane who's a lawyer. interesting, and funny! its a legal-comedy so yea. and i like Fred the angel assignment here, the whole series gives me a comfort feeling and wow as you learn some legal stuffs too! 

2. Pretty Little Liars
still up till today the freaky A story never ends. to be honest, this ones gets you freak out and doubt their whole plotline because the stalking mode on A is wayyyyyyy beyond any possible league. its like A has air as her spies. a series, that lets you think, but i have to say, me and my sister got so pissed off guessing, and the ridiculous information going to A. but nonetheless, i might catch the series again and finally end this whole stalking craze.

credits tvseriesfinale
3. The Lying Game
this ones was pretty interesting, but i couldn't find any updates on it after the first season. please, do not tell me it just ended like that or flipping tables might not even do. its interestingly mind-boggling, but you get a general idea of the whole who-is-mother-adopted-parents thing. A pair of twins got separated and adopted by different family, one is rich and one is just plain bad. but they were able to meet again and decided to switch life so how, and trying to find their birth-mother.

credits hulu
4. The Originals
A link between Vampire Diaries, this series is all about the original vampires, their history and how did the first vampires existed! with a twist, Nicklaus the hybrid of vampire and werewolf. action packed and the storyline is much more impressive than Vampire Diaries to be honest, less lovey dovey-more serious matters. still hooked to it, can't resist the classy gentlemen vampire, Elijah.

credits insidethemagic
5. Once Upon a Time
all time favourite among the list, even up par with Game of Thrones. i love how the story line just magically brings in fairytale characters and you'd go wtf? in a way, if you're a childhood fairy tale addict and disney addict, you'd be surprise how these bloodline connects! and its still as mind-boggling and interesting it is, i highly recommends if you've been watching disney princesses and story books. i literally binge watch it for 2-3days 20hours!

6. Mr.Selfridge 
Mr.Selfridge is more of drama, romance and history on the famous pioneered Selfridges in London. The story revolves around Mr.Selfridge's life and dedication setting up his beloved store. you'll get to see the season development as the costumes and set-ups is amazingly exquisite! I would say it's quite a motivational and inspiring story.

credits ftw.usatoday
7. Game of Thrones
awww mannn. today marks the finale for the season, i can brawl my eyes now cause cliffhangers drive me crazy! and its another year to wait! gawd its a hate-love relationship with this show. but definitely a worth watch. i dont even need to bring you guys to the internet is going crazy with this series! nuff said. oh! #teamstark! as cringe worthy stupid they are sometimes! but i have a thing for fluffy giant dire wolves. so be it!

time to watch season finale! *sings GoT opening* finallllyyyyy! 

jeez, I self declare myself a binge expert!
any series to recommend for my next binge session? feel free to leave a comment below!

until next magical day,


  1. Pretty Little Liars is so addictive but kind of a pain in the ass when "A" keeps changing lol and I completely agree "A's" level of stalking is like impossible XD

    1. EXACTLY!! its like whut?! they were in their room or some other people's house-upper floors and still get details on everything! hahahhahaa i bet you were yelling at the screen every time we watch it too.


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