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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

PTPTN Loan Exemption | Convert to Scholarship

hurrayy i am officially debt free!

to my surprise many don't know you can waive your PTPTN.
even if they knew about it, most likely they don't know how it works. okay, i bet a lot who knew are confused and just like me super worried with a lot of stuffs.

because if you don't provide the documents and request for the exemption, even if you have a 4.00 CGPA, you wont get your waive because PTPTN will not be responsible identifying who got first class. so it's up to your initiatives. so what are you waiting for? go get it converted! 

so today, i'd walk you guys through on my road to PTPTN loan exemption.
BTW IT IS STILL AVAILABLE! updated as of year 2016. 


you'd need to get first class first. 
which means, work on maintaining good results since semester 1 guys. your future relies on it.
its usually depends on the university which CGPA is considered as first class, apparently is different from university to university.

BUT A STANDARD 3.75 CGPA ABOVE would be a safer bet. 


documents needed :

  1. Transcript | must be certified by University's Registrar/ Pendaftar Unit 
  2. Degree Certificate/ Scroll | must be certified by University's Registrar/ Pendaftar Unit
  3. Letter to mention you are a First Class Holder if not stated in the certificate in no.2 | must be certified by University's Registrar/ Pendaftar Unit 
  4. PTPTN Loan Exemption Official Form | download here and fill in
    ** if the link does not work, use this - and click on Borang Akuan Pelajar Bagi Permohonan Pengecualian Bayaran Balik Pembiayaan 

  1. Copy of certificate of accreditation from MQA (if you're from IPTS/Private Universities)

extra notes :

** you can only start applying loan exemption after receive all official documents which is usually
after your convocation.  

** if you are from sabah and sarawak, or either way that needs you to take planes across the sea to attend university, away from hometown which is not convenient for direct follow ups with university, like mine.


MAKE 4-5COPIES, because you wouldn't want to go all the way back just for this again.
and get them CERTIFIED BY THE RIGHT PERSON. you can just tell them its for PTPTN, they would know. 


  1. compile the documents listed above
    ** do bring along your offer letter when you applied last time for reference
  2. visit the PTPTN branch in your state, you can check here
  3. request for exemption procedures - would take less than 15mins. ( 2nd NOVEMBER 2015 )
    ** they will check documents, keep them and you're good to go. 
  4. wait for letter of approval around 2-3months - congratulations!     ( 17th JANUARY 2016 )
  5. try to follow up with your PTPTN branch if you haven't heard from them for 2-3months
** as you can see, it took me a good 2months to get the approval letter! give or take around that period
*** the letter is just a simple letter write up that tells you you have been waived. no fancy letterhead and all. make sure you keep it as record nicely! 

do check on updates from PTPTN's official website for updates and changes. 

hope this helps a lot to first class soon-to-bes.
feel free to comment if you guys have any doubts. i'd do my best to help!

until next magical day,

21 comments on "PTPTN Loan Exemption | Convert to Scholarship"
  1. Thanks for sharing. Do we still need to continue paying for the loan while waiting for the application to get approved?

    1. Hi Tiff!
      nope, you do not need to pay. usually payment starts only after you have found a job. and in the new year, considering you graduated in September - prolly takes 4-5months later you may have to follow up. but during waiting period no payment is necessary.

      Hope that helps! super sorry for the late reply. I hope this gets to you.

  2. Hi, you mentioned to bring the 'offer letter when you last applied' for reference. By this, do you mean the letter we received from PTPTN stating that our application for the loan has been approved?

    Also, I will be working even before my convocation (start work on 2nd Oct, but convocation is only after middle of Oct). I'm worried if somehow PTPTN will be expecting me to start paying back since I already have a job...

    1. yes, but i believe most of us don't really keep a copy for ourselves or have misplaced it right? its okay, they will still pass you the copy that we sent to them previously. if you remember, we sent a copy to them and one for use initially as we buy the cukai stamp. so, if you dont have it with you. its fine

      2. start work of Oct should be okay because your first payslip isn't out yet. so as long as after your convo, you apply to PTPTN at your local branch immediately it should be okay. but do reconfirm with them as I went for working holiday program after my convo, and not an official job so my answer for this might be a little vague or unsure.

      hope it helps! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I heard student from private university might not be approved for the exemption, is this true??

    1. Hi! for private uni, im not very sure though. if it's not full scholarship exemption, i think they atleast would have a 50% converted scholarship or something. sorry i couldn't help much for the private sector.

    2. Would I still be eligible if I have 50% scholarship from my university and I use the Ptptn money to pay my another 50%?

    3. Hi! I don't think you can do so. because PTPTN is applied during the start of your course studies. so if you're asking if you can top-up your 50% scholarship. then its no. but correct me if i'm wrong, I thought usually you shouldn't be able to have dual financial help. by right you should only have either PTPTN covering for you or your scholarships.

      but however, if you applied for PTPTN but later in let's say semester 2, you got a scholarship. then you'll have to cancel PTPTN and take your scholarships, but PTPTN on semester 1 can be void if you achieve first class on your final year on your graduation.

  4. Hi, is there any exemption for 2nd class student? Thanks !

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      I don't think so, as far as i know. it has always been 1st class basis.
      do check with your own university, some of them might have their own scholarship funds. 3.75 CGPA is the minimum for 1st class. if you have a 3.6 above, you can try ask you lecturer for advice.

      hope this helps!

  5. HI , Can i ask my family to submit the documents to thr office?

    1. yes! you can! as long as you have all the documents needed and certificates stamped by your university's schoool officials. it will be fine. :)
      the staffs should be able to process it, because no signature or anything needed.

      hope it helps! good luck!

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