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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Happy Birthday! Althea turns 1 Today!

brace yourselves! it's gonna be a pink army ahead! 

Happy Birthday Althea! 
today marks Althea's first anniversary!

usually when it comes to make up and skincare routines, i would be the last person to seek for advises among my friends. cause well, its a lazy habit. but as i slowly realize its actually time to make some effort to learn atleast basic makeup, and follow up some decent skincare routine.

cause let's face it, nobody wanna look like an old lady at the age of 20's. i can't even imagine what's its going to be like when i reach 50's. but baby steps. baby steps. another reasons is mainly cause i'm a cheapskate because, skincare nor makeups are not cheap! well, they do sell cheap ones, but i don't think i would take such risk on my skin or anywhere near my face especially.  

but even all that, i do have some basic stuffs that i do put on my face. 
here are my essentials!
that i recently got from Althea! 

my face is prone to the sun, because i have pigmentation and well.. freckles. so its a must to have a regular habit to put on sunscreen on a daily basis! Althea's sunblocks are so affordable! im never every going to drugstores anymore! because i'm picky when it comes to sunblocks - don't like the sticky feeling.

because im a regular eyeliner user, i have supplement to my eyes. the frictions and eyeliner remove process will cause more wrinkles on the eye area. its already bad enough i have panda eyes, time to get it glowing with my new Laneige water bank eye gel!

i've heard so much nice things about the Guerisson cream, my face is on the dry skin category. it was on sale! how can i not consider buying it right?!

much gratitude to a considerable nice skin condition too, because i rarely have pimple problems - only freckles/pigmentation. my pores and smoothness seems all fine.


in celebration for Althea's 1st Birthday! 
Althea is having a giveaway! its your best chance to grab these magical goodies! among their activity line up running from 20th July - 31st July,2016 for their birthday celebration are:

just like the ones you see on the ones i received! so pink! all orders placed on 20/7 onwards will receive these magical pink boxes with DIY party kit inside! so hurry and get shopping before they run low on stock!

yas to freee goodies anyday! be among the 1,500 magical unicorns!

Pick 3 Top Sellers and rebate will be credited into your account once the order is completed.

received your magic pink box? wish Althea happy birthday with the hashtag #altheaturns1 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes! Macbook Air, Ipad Air2, iPhone 6S, Althea Credits and much more prizes that total worth KRW10,000,000! thats ~RM35,000 worth!

contest starts from 20th July - 15th August,2016!

time to restock on those skincare and make-ups! 

what are you waiting for? go sign up for Althea now! and start shopping! 
 additional RM5 off on top of your RM15 new sign up perk!
just click on my link below to get you started

happy birthday Althea! 

until next magical day,
Monday, July 11, 2016

Where America got its independence | Boston, USA I

hey guys!
that is my most favourite picture of all time!

finally sorted out first part of my work&travel USA trip pictures in Boston! yayyy!
immediately fell in love with this little historical not-too-busy city, so much love for the beautifully maintained historical buildings with red-bricks and big carved pillars. paved sidewalks with old bricks.

happy child seeing a firetruck in Boston! haaha


if you happened to visit Boston, Mike's Pastry is a must go for yummy cannoli! they also serve a wide range of pastry and cakes. but its so traditional, the interior reminds me of the old bakery we have back in Malaysia. simple, heritage-looking. my picture kinda made it look a little hipster with the while walls, but trust me. you'll feel a little nostalgic right to the core. people come lining up for their cannoli, try to avoid peak hours like lunch breaks!

 don't worry, Boston isn't all traditional red bricks and ancient carvings, they have amazing modern buildings too! its kinda amazes me how they still kept their historical roots hidden inside a massive city!

 visited the state library too! such glorious interior, its like the whole building was made with marble

yeap, there were that many people in the library, and they do look like the ones we see in TV! hahahaha such difference in culture and designs.
 the library's garden. can i have a wedding inside? hahaha

the weather was amazingly warm for pre-winter that day, so my cousin decided to walk around Boston and bring me around! I would say Boston is a small city, and you'll be able to get around by foot on ground and walk through shops, parks and financial district with no problem. didn't had the needs to take their subway at all.

Quincy Market! if you're in Boston you must go to this food court where there serve foooooood! the whole row is feast! sort of similar to a food court. but to-go foods are also available!

ps: i love American soft chewy cookies! sooo yums!

PRIMARK WAS LOVE! I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH CHEAP AND AFFORDABLE STUFFS! I do not have pictures, but it's a must go for shoppers! girls in general. 
located in the centre of Boston right through Chinatown, you won't want to miss going into Primark if you're a shopper! i had to resist myself due to the fact that i do not need winter wears in Malaysia. but still got myself my favourite wallet now!

Boston massacre site, bits and pieces of history all over Boston! go follow their freedom trail!

Enjoying the park, with cute squirrels running around accepting food from people. aww

we also visited universities! you're not in Boston if you did not visit Harvard University & MIT! 
as nerdy and geeky i am, i was in awe the whole time i was in the universities, they allow the public to visit and they also have guided tours by students there. However, you wont be able to visit their library. but gawwwwdd dream university big time!

hope you guys enjoy the loaded pictures, some of them are even stock worthy! still in-love with the city myself! those were great days! can't wait to visit again!

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 so you can get yourself updated with the next parts of my trip! and i'll be posting on my Work&Travel Guide 101 soon too!

until next magical day,