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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pokemon GO | I Choose You!

hey guys! massive geek mode here! 

the only pokeball i will be able to throw for now - paper pokeball, until they finally launch it in Malaysia.

every since this trailer down below from the Official Pokemon Channel on youtube was released, it has already gotten over 26 million views! and boyyyy it was just as exciting! 

Pokemon GO have been going around like crazy lately.
ehem. ehem. well, the inner child in me is never too old for Pokemon. Pokemon Go, is 90's kid's dream come true! the app encourages trainers to roam around their city to catch and train pokemon via our smartphone camera. the game covers the real world setting! 

as we move around, your smartphone will apparently vibrate when there is a pokemon nearby. there's also PokeStops and Gyms! here's a short preview/trailer from PokemonGo's channel!

walking will forever be worth every step now. pedometers are useless when you have pokemonGo! take my feet and walk walk walk! hahahahahahahaha! somehow it might be another reason  to travel the world! yasssss!

a friend was in Tasmania and was playing with it, i literally went crazy and died inside because its not available in my own country yet. as they have only started launching in selected country, New Zealand, Australia and Japan for now. i think the US has it too! if only i stay in the States a little longer aye? 

Thank you Niantics Lab &  Pokemon Company, you have made my childhood dream come true.
all those days when me and my siblings had to pretend we see pokemon around the house and throwing random balls we made. those were the days. now its real.

today is a random post to show my excitement for the game!
go and keep yourself updated with their launch! 

until next magical day,

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  1. Huh! Interesting! Not something I played as a kid but we'll see!