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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Scoopee Coffee & Ice Cream co. | Lintas Square, KK

hey guys!
here's a cafe review while i was having a get-to-gether with an old friend the other day!

i have always been  a great big fan of soft serve ice creams! yes, mcD has been my bestfriend. 
when i heard there was a soft serve ice cream cafe opened in kota kinabalu, i was super excited because MilkCow, and Softsrve in KL have always been packed with people with there yummy flavours! yes, sadly, they also burn quite the wallet for ice cream. but once a while, its still well-worth for these crazy heat blazing weathers!

we ordered their matcha flavoured, and a cotton candy milk flavoured. 
a little sad with the variety on the ice cream, with limited to milk and matcha. but they do have a lot of other cafe food, like sandwiches, coffee, smoothies and such. 

the portion was a little disappointing because of the little cup inception, considering the price was atleast RM10 above for plain, but i guess its also sort of market price, so i cant be complaining. hahaha


but the taste and ice cream was generously loved on the ingredients side, so im happy! the milk flavour does leaves a strong and smooth taste, and taste pretty good with cotton candy too! because its not too sweet, and leaves a good after taste.  matcha has a good dose too! if you are a matcha lover, you'd enjoy this just as much as we did. 

Scoopee Coffee & Ice Cream co. 

facebook | Price range : RM10~15
Tues-Sun @ 11am - 12am | closed on mondays
honest rating : 7/10 ⋆⋆⋆

until next magical day,

4 comments on "Scoopee Coffee & Ice Cream co. | Lintas Square, KK "
  1. Whyyyyy is there not one of these places near me? I'm crying inside becuase that Ice cream looks so good and your review went smoothly!

    1. i guess maybe mostly in big cities! come over to Malaysia!
      i'll promise to bring you around to these lovely cafes!


  2. The café has a cute design too! I've never tried Matcha before what does it taste like?

    1. yes! the interiors are admirable! although its a little one the cozy dark concept inside. since i prefer natural light so picture takings! hahahah
      matcha is green tea powder, its a popular japanese flavour! they have matcha everything!