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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

American Dream | Work&Travel Winter in USA

hey everyone!

i'm sure if you've been seeing previous post of my USA hopping, you'd know i have been out on work and travel program for the past 5 months.

honestly, i never knew i had the guts to try work&travel programs on my own. well, because people are quite skeptical- like its an indirect human traffic plot and schemes. and we all don't know who you might end up with during your working period overseas. truth to be told, i was one of them. i was scared and uncertain if i could handle the foreign and total independent environment. HAH says the girl who went for so many exchange programs to Japan.  no. really. USA was another dream adventure for me ever since little, heck i grew up with American series/cartoons. now i get to touch American roads for real. ahaha but its a whole new world compare to Japan. and it doesnt seem as safe with all the news and guns are around, now does it?

but today, im here to encourage you to see the world!

i had so many amazing experiences during my trip! my first acorn encounter, first ski, first fluffy snow, first huge food portions. met so many amazing people! gracias amigos!

sara was my bestfriend cause we stuck together like glue!

i have the coolest guests of all time! literally laughed my heart out, when they brought this paper guy to serve wine and beer! hahaha and being reunited with family! look how much these little ones grown! 

after great encouragement from friends and family who've took the risk and came home, they shared so much! and i'm so excited its my turn to share my experiences. literally best advice, YOLO. haha There isn't much Work&Travel program agents around Malaysia, but i've been with Infinity Abroad for mine, and they have been great help.

So here, i'd like to dedicate this post as a thank you to Infinity Abroads for all they have done for me.
they have been great encouragement with advises and help. Wei Soong and Favian are super cool big bros and great help during my trip! i am super grateful for them.


thanks to Ned & Royal at Moutaineer Inn. it was an amazing experience and i'd never regret taking up the skiing experience. here's a ridiculously fat face of mine during our little trip to Williams College! but its probably the only photo i can get royal in it. and before i end this post! here's another photo showing my love for american food. HAHAHHAHA

yeap, got my decent infusion of American football from the family too. Patriots. hmm

look out for my guides for the trip!
you can also check out my work&travel posts
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until next magical day,
13 comments on "American Dream | Work&Travel Winter in USA"
  1. Ah I love just LOVE your bubbly personality. Keep being you.

  2. u were my best friend Too ��
    I really think that this adventure wouldnt have been so amazing and relaxing without you, you were the only person who was supporting me all the time and the only one who made me feel loved and apreciated. We shared to many things together! My first ski, our parties in Sunny Village (Sabrina's wine), we always asked for free waffles, handsome guys, and many more pretty momentos. I love you tons! You Will be always in my heart and my memories. Te quiero China <3

    1. Te quiero Te quiero Te quiero ~~ * sinng our favourite song!
      yes. Sabrina's wine is delish. i miss it already. aaaaaa~ handsome guys and natalie's waffles! can't wait to visit you in Peru! <3

  3. I love this post so much I read it over and over! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience in the States! It feels so friggin inspiring to take risks and came home with loads of stories to share, and you're absolutely one of that many people who did that! :D

    1. Heyyyy Claudia! i love it too! there's so much more to share actually. the experience there was just amazing. its like one part of life you'll feel.. you did well. with no regrets!

  4. May i know hoe long have you stayed there after your working period"?

    1. Hi Surene!
      its usually according to the date of your visa?
      depending on when do you start work and how your employer allows you to leave. if i remember correctly everyone has to go back home by 15th of April. thats usually the last day of your visa approval. but you can always go back home early depending how you plan your travels. :)

      hope that helps answering your question!

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