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Thursday, August 11, 2016

White House & Lincoln | Washington DC, USA III

hey guys! the last travel post for my USA trip! 
if you've missed out on the first two parts, here's the link to Boston and NYC!
sadly, there isn't much picture for my DC trip because my phone went crazy and died on me during the trip. so these are mainly put together from lee wei's tablet's camera. yes. 

the great district capitol! washington dc! its the most touristy place in the states because people seem to travel far from different states who was there for their first time too! 

it was actually a gloomy day with tip taps of rain but that didn't stop us from our DC adventures!
they city is famous for its free entry museums and great historical landmarks, hence our day one adventures was pretty much based on that!
really enjoyed the museums, cause it was pretty interesting as i learn american culture. the national science museum is a must go! 

there was no sign of mr.obama, i was hoping to get a glimpse at the white house. hahaa


here's some tips for the trip! 

tip: all landmarks from White house - Capitol - Lincoln - Museums are all pretty much walk-able distance to save on transportation, the capitol might be a little further passing along the museums.

1. start with the white house, and work your way to Lincoln Memorial.
2. Washington Monument, and the rest of the nearby attractions.
3. Walk your way to the Museums, and it should lead you to the Capitol, then work you way back on the other side of the Museums.

click here for the National Mall and Memorial Park map for more details. 
here's a little trail map that we came up with to sorta save ourselves from getting lost and it might help you plan your trip! it looks far, but trust me. it's actually quite a nice walk. 

TIP TWO | bring your OWN-ON-THE-GO lunchpack
another tip, i suggest you to pack yourself a lunchbox or a sandwich for the trip, if you're on a budget, because food there might be a little higher priced due its touristy environment. but don't worry, there's quite a number of food trucks along the road somewhere off the Washington Monument, price might range from $7-$14 if i remember correctly, for kebabs and other finger foods.

though i'm still rather sad i missed the cherry blossoms blooming due to the weather condition that actually affected on the expected bloom period. it was said that was a warm winter that year, and full bloom came a little earlier than it's suppose to and as you can see they are starting to see greens. 

so for my DC trip, we spent our nights in Highroad hostel, sorry, i didnt have proper picture of the hostel but its a cozy friendly and rather new hostel right along Adams Morgan. super convenient! and nightlife is just walking distance away with great food, good drinks and amazing people! a good place if you enjoy meeting new friends and socializing.

click on the link below to check them out!

we met new friends at the Korean restaurant Bul, the food was soo good, we went back the next day for supper! i know, we should have explore new places more, but comfort food was real comfort at that time. nothing else matters. ahahhaaa!

so that's it for my work&travel USA posts!
keep a look out for the survival tips i've been prepping.

until next magical day,

2 comments on "White House & Lincoln | Washington DC, USA III"
  1. SO MUCH FUN! I love that second picture! (;

    1. YES! its one of my favourite pictures! (:
      ngawww but i was kinda sad cause it was raining that day and i missed out on the cherry blossom. but i guess the natural science museum covered the fun part for me that dayyyy!