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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Yellow cabs & Liberty | New York, USA II

hey guys! here's part two for my work&travel USA!
if you'd missed out on the first one, here's the link where i roam Boston, Massachusetts!

statue of libertyyy, i actually cheated this shot. lee wei took it in representing me instead as i was rush to the airport for my flight home! nearly missed my flight home. i loved USA that much. HAHAHA

i have to say, i sorta like the whole new yorker streets! these are mainly in Chinatown, the housing areas like Park Slope have amazing streets that i didnt get to take pictures of. admiring homes all day err day.

how can you not go to the financial district in NYC right? well here's the infamous golden bull.

few minutes later. thank goodness we done with that. 

whyy hello there malaysian cuisine restaurant! (;

pokeworks, best sushi cravings satisfied! I didn't get to take much picture of the little lot, but boyyyyyy it was crazy. the queue was long, but it moves quite lean- so don't be discourage if you see the queue! go line up! its totally worth it! check out their website here for their location and menu! ps: that website is love. please do not click if you are hungry.

and we also stopped by bible and sip! it was the craze in facebook, so we figured might as well drop by and try their awesome cream puffs! can never say no to matcha and cream puffs! - but i liked the earl grey one more tho. (:


being in New York City is still so surreal for me. the hustle bustle struggle of the city is real! was roaming around like a sampalau. but still in awe that i was actually stepping my way into places i see in televisions all the time.

time square! lights lights camera! i didnt have my chance to watch my first broadway show, but perhaps in my next visit!

we visited the 9/11 memorial. it was emotional. i cried. ;(

the most unforgettable experience here, getting lost in the subway! i'd highly recommend a local friend to guide you around if you intend to take the subway, cause geez it was confusing! but surely nothing a few months getting used to won't do. 

i am working on my last 2 USA post! look out for Washington DC soon!

until next magical day,

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