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Sunday, October 16, 2016

everyone smiles in the same language

today i'll be sharing a little on language. Well, not exactly talking about language and stuffs. 

Anyways, stumble this on facebook so many times. But ehem. I had to disagree. 
Or well sorta contradict in some way. 

i have to say, english as most people know, it's the world language, but you'll be quite surprise when half the world doesn't really speak it that well. And i say, having a mother tongue doesn't gives you the right to not learn and practice. I am personally have been surrounded with people who can't speak english well, and while you do speak fluent english, you'll be labled as whites. literally gives you the facepalm some times. But not ranting here, because if you look at it in vice versa - it works the same. 

We all know its great to have a common language or you can speak the language of your counterpart. But sometimes i can't help to think that people would rather just ignore and shun you off just because they cant speak the language. people choose to walk away rather than to practice and learn to improve themselves. just because you don't speak their language, somehow there's this feeling that you don't belong or not worthy. whyyyyyyyyyy? just whyyy?

I dont want to brag, but i love language. Any language, i like to take up the challenge and break that barrier that has cause all these misunderstandings/miscommunication. and even up to today, i can't say my english is great. to be honest i don't know english in details- ask me any grammar stuffs and i'd zone out on you. 

its not easy living in a multiracial country nor is it to anywhere around the world! because we have these differences that makes us different, in terms of culture and well. language. but its actually not all about language, 
its honestly the attitude of the person itself.

short rant, and thought food, if only people actually set aside differences and just accept each other sincerely, the world would've been much more happier. 
self-reflect is a great way to know if we're treating people fairly. 

so what do you think? 

until next magical day,

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