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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Work&Travel Guide I | Transportation

Hey guys! remember my trip back in winter to the States? 
today i'd be sharing a little on transportation when i was there and how to get there.

stay tune for my other little

let's face it, the flights are crazily expensive when it comes to long haul flights, it took me about 2days to reach New York. So today, i divided transportation tips which i hope will help alot of future participants. i think summer programme just ended! so here's some tips for the upcoming winter trip!

the flights was super hunting mode craze moment, to get the lowest price possible. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO GET ALL VISAS DONE AS SOON AS YOU CAN SO YOUR TRAVEL PERIOD WOULDN'T BE SO CLOSE. as the saying goes early birds gets the worm. is a really cost saver if you buy ahead a month or so.


  1. request from agents for cheap rates - you'd need to compare. but i honestly suggest agents eventhough they might be a little pricey. but safer in a sense of assurance. trust me. you'd save a lot of stressful events and its better that way. most program agents already have a helpful travel agent to help you with the booking. 
  2. i booked with expedia. i nearly flipped table and cried. super paranoid now with these sites. its actually affordable and easy. but bare in mind you have to expect the worst. 

here's other sites you can try.
but do keep a look out on reviews and double check on the bookings made with the particular airline. a few friends tried so it depends if you'd like to take these risks. browse through flight details via these sites!

they usually includes what airlines and time as they find the cheapest routes for you.

because chances are, the ticket prices ARE THE SAME!
it is also easier for references in case anything happens to your flights.
I went through a whole passing the blame here and there. so this is the best tip i've learnt for you!

so once you are there in the US, and you're planning on hoping states by states, you can check SouthWest Airlines! super affordable flights! they have free check-in baggage of max 2pcs each not more than 50lbs @ approx 22kg, so it is highly recommended if you are going a little further along the coast.

Others like Delta & JetBlue are low-cost domestic airlines that you should check out too!


I took the bus most of the time because traveling along east coast, it wasn't much of a distance and I can save much more that way. like alot of dollars worth, but its a little more time consuming though. 
Megabus was the cheapest and has wifi in the bus. although it take more time duration to reach your destination because it stops often for pickups. cheapskates like me will take the offer! HAHA 
NYC to Boston - LuckyStar Bus in Chinatown, Grand St subway. is another option with good value.
However, as the buses may be limited to its time and location available, you'd have to opt for Greyhound, Peterpan & Bolt as they cover to more areas.
subway - metro $2.75* one-way swipe
 i'd recommend to get a pay-per-ride metro card to swipe, cause not all subways sells the one-way tickets. here's a super helpful guide from Shut Up and Go on NYC subway.

the subway is pretty convenient. but you have to go around knowing which street and avenue and you can actually work your way around. but I suggest get to a common station, and walk from the streets in Manhattan. because its definitely more confusing in the subway than the streets, I'd rather walk and admire buildings.

walking is highly recommended if you're around areas like Chinatown - Grand St., Times Square, Union Square, Rockefeller Centre - you can walk around these places and roam around to find hidden jewels in NYC.


so that's all for tips in getting there and around the USA. basically, these are mainly based on my East Coast trip experiences, it might differ on West Coast. 
if you have any extra tips i missed out feel free to share or if you have any questions do drop a comment below and i will get back to you as soon as possible to answer them! (: 

until next magical day,