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Saturday, May 13, 2017

7 Things you could do for Mother Superior this mother's day!

hey there!
a happy mother's day to all loving mothers out there. 

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every mother plays such important roles in our lives, that the moment we were a mere speck of cell they have already contributed their body, heart, mind, and soul for us. keeping us safe, making sure we are healthy and well. life lessons taught and growing us into who we are today. 

i am everyday grateful for my mother, she has been building up the family and has made sure my siblings and i grow up to be good and respectful kids we are today. there are definitely times where she nags and we gets into disagreements and breaks her heart once a while, but of all those that goes by, she is still the best role model and a mother i can ever ask for. 

my friends tells me i have super supportive mom where she lets us explore and go on programs we could never imagine ourselves would've go for without that little push. and for that  i thank my mom for all her encouragement too!

so what are you doing for your mother superior this mother's day? 

here's a list of my little come uppers to make her day! that might be a great help to you too! 

  • that pot she always wanted to get in the kitchen shop. i dont know about you, but my mom's probably the happiest human alive if she can own half the kitchen supply store we have here. getting her that kitchen supply that she has been eyeing on will be a good score for a gift!
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  • the good old flower bouquet, mom never gets flowers other than super special occasions. a simple stalk would actually still put a smile on her face!
  • photo frames and scrapbooks! as such as tacky and outdated they are actually super thoughtful gifts nowadays when printed photos are pretty rare. it puts an awww towards the effort made for her. so if you have alot of selfies and mobile pictures on your phone, go get them printed out and make a collage/scrapbook or a frame them in fancy physical frames.
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  • a trip/vacation together, this might probably cost a little more. but getting her a ticket to spend time together exploring is a great treat! she could run away from work and you'd both spend quality time together. its true that we won't be having much time spend together with our old folks as we grow. we tend to be busy with our work, our relationships and our life. getting a trip with mom would be a great appreciation and build wonderful memories together before it is too late. 
  • let her be the queen of the day! do all the chores and the cooking! from her surprise breakfast in bed - to the grand dinner topped with dessert! 
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  • family time-out and picnic together by the park/the beach
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  •  not forgetting a simple handmade card to tell her how much she meant to you. 

truth to be told, every year my siblings and i cracks our brain to make our best for her special day. but guess what, it has always been these simple 7 gestures that will always puts a smile on her face.

its the thought and little effort and time spent together is what matters most.  

until next magical day,