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Friday, September 22, 2017

Staying productive with Trello!

the month of September is nearing an end, and I can't believe how fast it is actually moving. 
I bet everyone has been busy hustling work and social and family as much as I have! 

Cheers to long weekend! another day to have a little break and catch up to things i presume? 
well, as my busy days has been hectic these few months, I found a really great web application that I'd love to share with everyone! prolly they deserve more use on a casual and social side instead on corporate. 

To those who are working in the tech industry or in corporate would have probably heard of this amazing planning-to-do app,

They are created with the Kanban concept! so what is Kanban
Kanban is basically productivity created by the Japanese where it literally means signboards, where its used to schedule important goals and task usually used in Lean manufacturing and Just-In-Time manufacturing. gotta trust Japanese efficiency! OKAY! its getting length-ly there with all the theory.  in short,

it lets you see your progress of a specific task.  

I have been using it ever since and loving it soo soo much! 
the best part of it is that you can fully customize the boards and make it look pretty and appealing to motivate yourself to look at your own progress in everything everyday. I think ever since using it, I've actually have a decent goal and time arrangement has been quite manageable lately. Great to slot in ideas and project plans too! 

Lets walk over with the layout together! 

so boards are kinda like your projects/important to-do/resolutions. and even our blogs!
Check out Trello.Inspirations for more detailed examples
they have amazing samples here that can give you a pretty good idea on what boards you'd like to make for yourself. and once you signed up, everytime you are on, your full to-dos and goals are on the page nicely motivating you!

cards on the other hand are your tasks or ideas or list of things planned out for your project! 
best part is they have cute colourful tags that you can edit notes and customize differently in each boards. and once it progresses, you can just drag and drop them into the DONE or WORK-IN-PROGRESS list. 

here's my resolution board that I did, pretty empty and lame but hey achieving slowly there. hahaha 
there's actually more detailed breakdowns inside like checklists and descriptions and even attachment. 

one of my favourite parts of Trello is the background from Unsplash! SO MUCH LOVE TO HIGH QUALITY STOCK PHOTOS TO MAKE YOUR CHOICES. hands down this aesthetics makes it so nice and motivating to look at my Trello account everyday. you can choose a variety of nice stock photos to replace that plain original layout. just type in a keyword and be amaze! you can change your background via right side there will be a
... Show Menu

so basically you work out and plan out your life with Trello! its neat and pretty motivating. people also use it for work purposes and corporate uses it working on project and sales because you can actually assign members or other Trello users to the board so they can see all the tasks cards too.

overall its pretty fun to plan out everything and it keeps you motivated in clearing the left side of the board making their way to the right side which also means accomplishments!

so go sign up and get yourself set up for the coming week with productivity!

until next magical day,