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Monday, October 9, 2017

MINISO's Romantic Pink Sakura Perfume | Blog Detox: Butterfly Project Malaysia

when it comes to perfumes, we usually tend to think that they are for special occasions like weddings, anniversary dinners and special dates. truth to be told, i as one don't usually use perfumes on a regular basis because it costs a lot and ha-ha as much as i try to save, sometimes i felt like it would've been more wasteful not using it as much as i should have.

perfumes have been great presents for us ladies, young and old. heck we got our mom a Victoria Secret Bombsell for mother's day and she loved it like a little girl. and i'd steal some sprays on those special occasions i've mentioned. I've always been more fond of the fruity light scents, tingling with sweetness and a tiny touch of soft flower. so Eau de Toillettes have been always my options.

some FAQ i searched up on that might be a great information!
does perfumes expire?
apparently they don't depending on how strong your perfumes are; Eau de Parfum types tend to last longer, while the light Eau de Toilettes would probably fall behind. but under good storage away from direct sunlight/heat which is out of the car and the away from the bathroom, it will be fine.
and you might notice a change in volume because it will slowly oxidize too! 

and because im pretty cheapskates and i prefer value and convenience! because I've found some hidden gems for myself! It's not pricey and a woo perfume but it smells just right and nice. which makes spraying more often doesn't feel as much of a reluctant choice anymore.

i'd recommend MINISO's range as an option! ranging from price RM15 - RM30

they have quite a variety,  and my favourite now has got to be Miniso's Romantic Pink Sakura! 
lightly hinted with floral and a sweet touch which is not too strong to the scent but also a refreshing touch! it doesn't have my usual fruity go-tos but this is leave a really nice after scent.

my tiny on-the-go also from MINISO is also my current top scent that I carry around with me because of its mini size! so if you ever need to touch upper. this one carries a sweet fruity scent. not as sophisticated as Romantic Pink Sakura. but suitable for casual outings. yeap, already my 2nd bottle. (;

this blog detox was pretty fun! a blog detox is a monthly theme blogging exercise set up by The Butterfly Project Malaysia! i'm actually late. but better late than never right?

until next magical day,