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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

3 Recipes you can Try for a Hearty Breakfast! | MorningShop Malaysia

GUILTY AS CHARGED! I have never really been a morning person, BUT! I love having breakfast! because cereals has been part of my childhood and they are too hard to resists. but ever since I wanted to be a healthy girl and work on my healthy lifestyle. I have been trying to wake up in the morning and to have a nice hearty breakfast as its one of the MUST DOs in the morning. 

so why are breakfast important? well, its only good for your body if its take in the morning though!  so be a good sport and always wake up early and never skip it because.. 

1. Provide us the energy for the day.
2. Balances out the diet/meal cycle
3. Probably the most colourful and sweet meal that is legit!

waking up in the morning has been a step-by-step improvement for a night owl like me. but nonetheless quite satisfying knowing you are increasing productivity and you are utilizing our own 16 hrs( minus out 8 hours of sleep time) daily effectively. and eating is part of me that is always wonderful! oh the chubby girls' aspiration to eat and not gain. haha

Discovered MorningShop Malaysia! MorningShop is a well known Taiwanese e-commerce brand that provides imported cereals from all over the world! they sell the super awesome cereals and granolas I have enjoyed back in US and much more variety too! nostalgia just by tasting the crunch again! They have a wide range of breakfast goodies from yummy cereal, hearty and filling oatmeal , and crunchyy granola

tried out these boxes that I have never tried before for some excitement, Carman's from Australia! 
crunchy clusters with whole blueberry, coconut shreads and almonds! the taste has a stronger almond flavour and cinnamon!

and Vitalia from Macedonia! Vitalia's granolas and muesli are more light and loose with whole almonds! with hints of honey and a slight burnt taste perfect serve with milk!

so here's some of the recipes i personally enjoy for my own breakfast that you can try out!

one of the most common ways to have your breakfast is to top it with power boosting fruits like bananas and papayas as well as apples are great top-ups to jumpstart your breakfast! add milk or yogurt. or you can eat it with a crunch! i nimble on it just like a snack just at it is sometimes. but well.. yea..

drizzle honey over it and bake it to shape! i'd usually make my own to-go energy bars for that extra crunch! :) its extra yummy and convenient too!

early in the morning but need to catch the jam before work? or prefer a sleep-in longer like me? hahaha opt for an all-in-blended smoothie with yogurt and some choco powder!

i tend to make these 3 recipes for most of the cereals i eat! with number 1 being the easiest! haha do try them out and enjoy a hearty breakfast boost yourself!
share with me what's your favourite cereal? 

Check out their website for your own favourite Cereals! the shippings has been really fast too!
Shipping Fee - RM7.50 (WM) & RM19.00 (EM)
Free shipping is provided for West Malaysia only for shop over RM80.00

MorningShop Malaysia 

until next magical day,

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Things I've Learnt at Butterfly Project's SEO+C Workshop!

Workshop banner by The Butterfly Project Malaysia

to those who have missed out on the workshop, here's a little sharing on what I've picked up during the workshop! it was a really simple but interesting workshop with so much to gain. although there's still much more detailed learning to be done ourselves to grow and improve, it definitely gave us vital sparks to get started! 

before that, let me brief out a little on SEO, Search Engine Optimization - apparently is the golden mine for all the websites in the world especially big businesses. It builds traffic to the website and when there is traffic, there is sales opportunity. Search Engines like Google and FireFox obviously does not rank our websites on the first page of the search engine out randomly, and this is why SEO is important because, to get you to the first page of the search results, there are a lot of work to do to get you there! While the Content is always very important and the key factor for your website, it is also requires a lot of good planning and brainstorming to make it work like wonders! 

so here's the list of big improvements and advices that is really helpful to get you started and all juiced up setting up your blog the right journey.

What I've learnt @ SEO +C Workshop!

our blog content needs to provide relevant posts that people wants to know about! or will search about it in particular, most of the time if it is product review sharing, then a much more in depth detail of the product and our opinions and experiences toward the product really does matters because we all want that honest review to the gut! that increases the relevancy and also make your blog reliable for future reviews.

though it might not matter on which niche you write in, as long as you can be of help to readers, i think that puts us in a big step in relevancy. I'm guessing more engagement = more relevant?

authority is given by other people and can only be earned through links and it is gain via external links from their high-authority pages or sites, that indirectly votes of confidence that your page is legit.  this is why big brands are very happy when their links are shared or goes viral. it improves authority, bringing the site up to a more better rank in the search engine.


  • Invest in a domain for the blog

not only does it gives the blog a much more recognition and probably looks better visually as well with a .com, it increases the traffic and brands will be more willing to work with you as you are more serious in setting up your blog.

  • Effectively plan your keywords on the post / natural keywords

research and try the keywords yourself on the search engine. and see if your post would come out on the search results. although, do make them as natural as you can. spamming hashtags and random keywords will also backfire as Google is smart! lol

  • Minimize load speed and keep the page simple
try not to use heavy HD large photos and flashhy themes with alot of moving extra effects because it increases the loading time and nobody likes waiting for the page to load. THE LONGER YOUR READER STAYS IN YOUR BLOG, THE BETTER. 

  • Plan your blogpost to be average 400-500words, but be short and straight

visuals are the soul that attracts readers to the blog, but content and use of words is also very important in engagement. detailed information the insights probably needs explaining via words because pictures may speak a thousand words, but are the words the same on what you'd like to share is another thing. :)

  • Be yourself and honest reviews/ interesting content

always be original when in comes to content creating, making you stand out and magical. being yourself not only makes writing easier, it is also a sincere sharing of thought to your readers. especially on honest reviews. if it sucks, put it in a good way, if its super duper awesome with flaws, then say its super duper awesome with flaws.

  • Main important points on the first mid section

the flow of the content should be smooth and plan out the important parts on the first mid section of your post while the extra additional ones towards the end because let's face it, not everyone wants to read a longggg review post. people would look for keywords. so short and simple main points is very important to be provided along the post. 

  • Creative visuals in quite important

yeap, everyone like pretty stuffs. and anything nice on the eyes because visual is a really powerful tool that can bring so much into your content. a little effort and planning goes a long way. :)

really hope this will help just as much as I have learned! 

Group photo of bloggers

it was my first time attending a Butterfly Project Workshop, and it has a friendly environment with amazing bloggers. although I was quite awkward since it was my first time and I was alone. ahaha but definitely meet some nice amazing people. I hope that this little sharing sums out the important details that might help those who were unable to attend the workshop and to whoever would like to grow their blog's SEO and Content. there is so much more to learn, so this probably wasn't all the amazing knowledge shared by Nicholas Ng, of Black Wolf Digital and Dee Leonard, of Acc Dir/ Bridges PR & Events.

Speaker of the day, Nicholas on SEO
Speaker of the Day, Leonard on Content

last but not least, thank you to the great sponsors for the workshop!

brand sponsors for the event goodie bags! ikat tepi coolers!

goodie bag from the event

and ais kepal from frosbites malaysia!

Enjoying drink sponsor for the event, Frostbite Malaysia

all photos credits to The Butterfly Project Malaysia 
@photographer Eros, at

until next magical day,

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Getting a Domain Name for Noobs!

Getting a Domain Name can be one of the most exciting things for a blog and a website! 

right after SEO+C Workshop, it was the moment where i decided to get my blog a .com. 
for a tech noob like me, just by getting it setup puts me on panic mode because of the indecisiveness within me to really proceed on setting up, or just keeping it as

in the end, it was all up as a little investment. of course it comes with a price, but the exposure and engagement you get in return is indeed fulfilling. I had a fair share of down days where i felt like giving up blogging due to the demotivating traffics that makes me sometimes think if anyone still read blogs? or do they like what i am writting? is it even relevant? well.. to be very honest, I am still finding that right way of building this little blog of mine. so getting it up with a domain will definitely be the first step too! 

so it took me awhile researching about domain options, and how to set it up. I've tried looking for services who does this tech stuffs, but it was too overwhelming cause there's hosting/migration and transfer which as a noob, I have no idea what they were for. so I did some research and asked for options on domain providers! 

domain providers are sites where you buy your .com/.org/.my and all this kind of domain names. 

so listed are few noted ones which were up for consideration during my do-it-yourself set up. - RM3.17 /1st year - RM36.17 /year following 
TOTAL : RM 43.98 
$ 9.06/ year + FREE Privacy for first year worth $2.88
TOTAL : $11.94~ @ RM50+
NameCheap Setup Tutorial
NameCheap Blogger Setup Video
video's in vietnamese but pretty straighforward to follow! - USD conversion
$12.99/year + Free Privacy
TOTAL : $13.17 @ RM55+ - RM39.50 / 1st year - RM49.60/year following
+ RM15 for privacy add-on 
TOTAL : RM57.77 / RM 68.48 annually - USD conversion 
$9.99/year + $8.99 for privacy add-on 
TOTAL : $19 @ RM80++

exabytes - RM 66.67/year + Free Privacy
TOTAL : RM66.67

you will have to consider the privacy option because i dont think anyone wants their personal details up on public so make a wise choice by choosing the best suited for you. 

after all the considerations and advices from a few tech friends, I finally decided on...
Namecheap because of their customer service and long term deals. though it was a neck and neck decision with GoDaddy, for being the cheapest and most known, because GoDaddy does charges a lot more on renewal.  However I do have friends who are using Hover, and YeahHost themselves that might have been better at services and host management. there is still option to transfer to a new provider next year if they are better suited. 

finally, the great step-by-step that i used to successfully setup my blogger into a .com. 
the complete guide to setup your domain ! the setup is pretty simple and it works for all domain providers. below is the ones I used for my setup! 
NameCheap Setup Tutorial 
NameCheap Blogger Setup Video 
video's in vietnamese but pretty straighforward to follow! 

hope this will help alot of tech noobs in setting up their own .com with minimal cost! Good Luck! and enjoy your new .com!

Leave a comment below if you have any nice domain providers to suggest! :) 

until next magical day,

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essences SPF50+ PA+++ | Sun Solution Review

everyday we are exposed to the mighty sun's UV rays and whether you are indoors or surviving under the scorching sun outdoors of a tropical country, it is very important to put on sunscreens to protect your skin for bad rays. i have had  my fair share of sunscreen variety. When  it comes to sunblocks i get really picky because the white tint and the sticky after feel that comes after applied is a big no no to me. on a flip side, the smell does not really bothers me as long its not too bad.

my face is sensitive to the sun because i get dark spots very easily, hence my sunblock collection list is quite checked off with a few not liked with a few loves that i would go back buying! but i'll save the list for another day.

new discovery is Vella's Ultra Hydro Sun Essences! and this is definitely a comeback for more kind of product! to be honest, there wasn't much reviews online for this amazing sun protection solution and i honestly thought it deserves more love and exposure to the world! 

The Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essence SPF50+ PA+++ 30ml, is made from 61% Hawaii Kona Deep Sea Water along with other natural ocean and plant extracts. its free from Parabeen, Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, Mineral oil, Benzophenone, and Artificial colouring/agents, which indirectly means its pretty natural and its perfect for sensitive skins! HYPOALLERGENIC ingredients which are sensitive skin friendly!

The sunblock itself has a light texture, watery feel to it. And it absorbs into the skin really well with no after feel of stickiness! You won’t even notice there was sunblock on your face at all. Its yellowish clear colour is actually invisible once its on your face, there’s no tint. No white nor yellow, just your au natural face tone.

watch out when you put on your face though, as it is quite fluid. try to keep control on the flow slowly as you tilt and a little pressure on the bottle. NO SQUEEZE REQUIRED!

the smell does have a light hint of the usual sunblock. i personally like it cause its not strong like the usually creamy sunblock. :) so give it a go. the smell doesn't last long. so its definitely fine.

30ml! perfect for on-the-goes and travel uses.

light texture / watery after feel
lasting waterproof
no white tint, with au naturale facial tone
smells amazing with sorta light fruity hint
small amount enough for the face
affordable price at RM58 @

go get yours at 

until next magical day,

Friday, November 3, 2017

Eureka! Popcorn | Surprising Benefits for eating Popcorns!

pop pop pop corns!
are usually a must have in the cinemas, its quite common with our caramel flavoured as the typical flavour for our Malaysian tastebuds. back when I was in the States, i still remember the buttered popcorns where we get to drench our own popcorn with the self-service butter pipes. but true enough that nothing beats caramel popcorn like the sweet touch on a crunchy bite.

but did you know?
studies found out if you enjoy eating popcorns it has health benefits!
well, obviously coating them with flavour doesn't makes it as healthy, but here's the perks even with some flavours to taste!

  1. it's WHOLE GRAIN! which means good dietary fiber that will improve your digestives system and smoothen your bowel movements.  
  2. it has Phenolic acid/Polyphenolic conpounds which are super Antioxidants which are believe to be amazing defense agents to fight and eliminate free radical that is harmful to our body as free radicals promotes cancerous cells. 

if you ask me, im actually a person who prefers savoury snacks over sweet ones. and ever since i've tasted Eureka's Snack bar's popcorn. regular popcorn cravings apparently does happens nowadays! and now that they've opened an outlet in KK IMAGO itself! yass to popcorn needs satisfied! 
i used to replenish stock in KL whenever we come for holidays. I still stock up too! 

they have a variety of great savoury flavours! my favourites would be
Tomato! soury and savoury nicely flavoured to taste.


Seaweed! has the strong seaweed taste to it with hints of caramel too! this is more to the sweet side even for a savoury flavour but yes to seaweed all the time.


their Cheese flavour is also very noteworthy too! but don't take my word for it! they give out samples of all their flavours! especially in outlets in KL. feel free to grab and try them to find your own favourite flavours!

the flavours are evenly covered and boyy you'd finish it in split seconds! it wont be enough!
i think thats why i'm chubyy. oh boyy. but yes, snackkkkk option!

cheers to binge watch The Flash S4 series while i munch on popcorns in a flash!
go check them out all over at their outlets in KL and for Sabahans,
IMAGO shopping mall LG for their cart.

Eureka Snack Bar Malaysia
Price Range : RM14 - RM20

until next magical day,