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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

3 Recipes you can Try for a Hearty Breakfast! | MorningShop Malaysia

GUILTY AS CHARGED! I have never really been a morning person, BUT! I love having breakfast! because cereals has been part of my childhood and they are too hard to resists. but ever since I wanted to be a healthy girl and work on my healthy lifestyle. I have been trying to wake up in the morning and to have a nice hearty breakfast as its one of the MUST DOs in the morning. 

so why are breakfast important? well, its only good for your body if its take in the morning though!  so be a good sport and always wake up early and never skip it because.. 

1. Provide us the energy for the day.
2. Balances out the diet/meal cycle
3. Probably the most colourful and sweet meal that is legit!

waking up in the morning has been a step-by-step improvement for a night owl like me. but nonetheless quite satisfying knowing you are increasing productivity and you are utilizing our own 16 hrs( minus out 8 hours of sleep time) daily effectively. and eating is part of me that is always wonderful! oh the chubby girls' aspiration to eat and not gain. haha

Discovered MorningShop Malaysia! MorningShop is a well known Taiwanese e-commerce brand that provides imported cereals from all over the world! they sell the super awesome cereals and granolas I have enjoyed back in US and much more variety too! nostalgia just by tasting the crunch again! They have a wide range of breakfast goodies from yummy cereal, hearty and filling oatmeal , and crunchyy granola

tried out these boxes that I have never tried before for some excitement, Carman's from Australia! 
crunchy clusters with whole blueberry, coconut shreads and almonds! the taste has a stronger almond flavour and cinnamon!

and Vitalia from Macedonia! Vitalia's granolas and muesli are more light and loose with whole almonds! with hints of honey and a slight burnt taste perfect serve with milk!

so here's some of the recipes i personally enjoy for my own breakfast that you can try out!

one of the most common ways to have your breakfast is to top it with power boosting fruits like bananas and papayas as well as apples are great top-ups to jumpstart your breakfast! add milk or yogurt. or you can eat it with a crunch! i nimble on it just like a snack just at it is sometimes. but well.. yea..

drizzle honey over it and bake it to shape! i'd usually make my own to-go energy bars for that extra crunch! :) its extra yummy and convenient too!

early in the morning but need to catch the jam before work? or prefer a sleep-in longer like me? hahaha opt for an all-in-blended smoothie with yogurt and some choco powder!

i tend to make these 3 recipes for most of the cereals i eat! with number 1 being the easiest! haha do try them out and enjoy a hearty breakfast boost yourself!
share with me what's your favourite cereal? 

Check out their website for your own favourite Cereals! the shippings has been really fast too!
Shipping Fee - RM7.50 (WM) & RM19.00 (EM)
Free shipping is provided for West Malaysia only for shop over RM80.00

MorningShop Malaysia 

until next magical day,

3 comments on "3 Recipes you can Try for a Hearty Breakfast! | MorningShop Malaysia"
  1. These cereals look so good. I've always loved breakfast as well. There's something so nice about eating after you've been asleep all day. I love that square bowl you have, it's super cute.

    1. hahaha yes! I wouldn't mine an all day breakfast menu too! :)
      thank youuu, its my mom's little prized collection of cute bowls at home!

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