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Friday, November 3, 2017

Eureka! Popcorn | Surprising Benefits for eating Popcorns!

pop pop pop corns!
are usually a must have in the cinemas, its quite common with our caramel flavoured as the typical flavour for our Malaysian tastebuds. back when I was in the States, i still remember the buttered popcorns where we get to drench our own popcorn with the self-service butter pipes. but true enough that nothing beats caramel popcorn like the sweet touch on a crunchy bite.

but did you know?
studies found out if you enjoy eating popcorns it has health benefits!
well, obviously coating them with flavour doesn't makes it as healthy, but here's the perks even with some flavours to taste!

  1. it's WHOLE GRAIN! which means good dietary fiber that will improve your digestives system and smoothen your bowel movements.  
  2. it has Phenolic acid/Polyphenolic conpounds which are super Antioxidants which are believe to be amazing defense agents to fight and eliminate free radical that is harmful to our body as free radicals promotes cancerous cells. 

if you ask me, im actually a person who prefers savoury snacks over sweet ones. and ever since i've tasted Eureka's Snack bar's popcorn. regular popcorn cravings apparently does happens nowadays! and now that they've opened an outlet in KK IMAGO itself! yass to popcorn needs satisfied! 
i used to replenish stock in KL whenever we come for holidays. I still stock up too! 

they have a variety of great savoury flavours! my favourites would be
Tomato! soury and savoury nicely flavoured to taste.


Seaweed! has the strong seaweed taste to it with hints of caramel too! this is more to the sweet side even for a savoury flavour but yes to seaweed all the time.


their Cheese flavour is also very noteworthy too! but don't take my word for it! they give out samples of all their flavours! especially in outlets in KL. feel free to grab and try them to find your own favourite flavours!

the flavours are evenly covered and boyy you'd finish it in split seconds! it wont be enough!
i think thats why i'm chubyy. oh boyy. but yes, snackkkkk option!

cheers to binge watch The Flash S4 series while i munch on popcorns in a flash!
go check them out all over at their outlets in KL and for Sabahans,
IMAGO shopping mall LG for their cart.

Eureka Snack Bar Malaysia
Price Range : RM14 - RM20

until next magical day,
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