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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Getting a Domain Name for Noobs!

Getting a Domain Name can be one of the most exciting things for a blog and a website! 

right after SEO+C Workshop, it was the moment where i decided to get my blog a .com. 
for a tech noob like me, just by getting it setup puts me on panic mode because of the indecisiveness within me to really proceed on setting up, or just keeping it as

in the end, it was all up as a little investment. of course it comes with a price, but the exposure and engagement you get in return is indeed fulfilling. I had a fair share of down days where i felt like giving up blogging due to the demotivating traffics that makes me sometimes think if anyone still read blogs? or do they like what i am writting? is it even relevant? well.. to be very honest, I am still finding that right way of building this little blog of mine. so getting it up with a domain will definitely be the first step too! 

so it took me awhile researching about domain options, and how to set it up. I've tried looking for services who does this tech stuffs, but it was too overwhelming cause there's hosting/migration and transfer which as a noob, I have no idea what they were for. so I did some research and asked for options on domain providers! 

domain providers are sites where you buy your .com/.org/.my and all this kind of domain names. 

so listed are few noted ones which were up for consideration during my do-it-yourself set up. - RM3.17 /1st year - RM36.17 /year following 
TOTAL : RM 43.98 
$ 9.06/ year + FREE Privacy for first year worth $2.88
TOTAL : $11.94~ @ RM50+
NameCheap Setup Tutorial
NameCheap Blogger Setup Video
video's in vietnamese but pretty straighforward to follow! - USD conversion
$12.99/year + Free Privacy
TOTAL : $13.17 @ RM55+ - RM39.50 / 1st year - RM49.60/year following
+ RM15 for privacy add-on 
TOTAL : RM57.77 / RM 68.48 annually - USD conversion 
$9.99/year + $8.99 for privacy add-on 
TOTAL : $19 @ RM80++

exabytes - RM 66.67/year + Free Privacy
TOTAL : RM66.67

you will have to consider the privacy option because i dont think anyone wants their personal details up on public so make a wise choice by choosing the best suited for you. 

after all the considerations and advices from a few tech friends, I finally decided on...
Namecheap because of their customer service and long term deals. though it was a neck and neck decision with GoDaddy, for being the cheapest and most known, because GoDaddy does charges a lot more on renewal.  However I do have friends who are using Hover, and YeahHost themselves that might have been better at services and host management. there is still option to transfer to a new provider next year if they are better suited. 

finally, the great step-by-step that i used to successfully setup my blogger into a .com. 
the complete guide to setup your domain ! the setup is pretty simple and it works for all domain providers. below is the ones I used for my setup! 
NameCheap Setup Tutorial 
NameCheap Blogger Setup Video 
video's in vietnamese but pretty straighforward to follow! 

hope this will help alot of tech noobs in setting up their own .com with minimal cost! Good Luck! and enjoy your new .com!

Leave a comment below if you have any nice domain providers to suggest! :) 

until next magical day,

9 comments on "Getting a Domain Name for Noobs! "
  1. Oh awesome!! I am so.glad that you have your own url now! Looks really good. I'm excited for you!

    1. Thanks V! :) i'm working on to be a great blogger just like you! haha
      simple yet inspiring. <3 love you loads! thanks for always encouraging me when you post comments.

  2. Wow thanks for the price lists and review. Definitely gonna do my own research and start using domain soon. 😄

    1. yes yes! its pretty easy to set up! :) cause I still stayed in blogger eventhough it is recommended to change to WordPress, wordpress might require hosting and a little more advance for the noobs. so i guess keeping it simple for now. :) good luck setting up! look forward to your set up too!

  3. Hi,
    I'm new to your blog and I love it. From bloggers facebook support . I use 1and1 for buying domain name.

    1. will check out 1and1 sometime in the future for some comparisons!
      thank you for dropping by! :)

  4. Hi :) I use for domain. Love to see blogger has own domain :)

  5. To have a good website that is supposed to help you out immensely in your business, you have to consider two aspects carefully. discounts on domain registration

    1. couldn't agree more! i got mine on namecheap for a really affordable price considering all the aspects comparisons among others. :) price for domains and SEO purposes.