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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essences SPF50+ PA+++ | Sun Solution Review

everyday we are exposed to the mighty sun's UV rays and whether you are indoors or surviving under the scorching sun outdoors of a tropical country, it is very important to put on sunscreens to protect your skin for bad rays. i have had  my fair share of sunscreen variety. When  it comes to sunblocks i get really picky because the white tint and the sticky after feel that comes after applied is a big no no to me. on a flip side, the smell does not really bothers me as long its not too bad.

my face is sensitive to the sun because i get dark spots very easily, hence my sunblock collection list is quite checked off with a few not liked with a few loves that i would go back buying! but i'll save the list for another day.

new discovery is Vella's Ultra Hydro Sun Essences! and this is definitely a comeback for more kind of product! to be honest, there wasn't much reviews online for this amazing sun protection solution and i honestly thought it deserves more love and exposure to the world! 

The Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essence SPF50+ PA+++ 30ml, is made from 61% Hawaii Kona Deep Sea Water along with other natural ocean and plant extracts. its free from Parabeen, Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, Mineral oil, Benzophenone, and Artificial colouring/agents, which indirectly means its pretty natural and its perfect for sensitive skins! HYPOALLERGENIC ingredients which are sensitive skin friendly!

The sunblock itself has a light texture, watery feel to it. And it absorbs into the skin really well with no after feel of stickiness! You won’t even notice there was sunblock on your face at all. Its yellowish clear colour is actually invisible once its on your face, there’s no tint. No white nor yellow, just your au natural face tone.

watch out when you put on your face though, as it is quite fluid. try to keep control on the flow slowly as you tilt and a little pressure on the bottle. NO SQUEEZE REQUIRED!

the smell does have a light hint of the usual sunblock. i personally like it cause its not strong like the usually creamy sunblock. :) so give it a go. the smell doesn't last long. so its definitely fine.

30ml! perfect for on-the-goes and travel uses.

light texture / watery after feel
lasting waterproof
no white tint, with au naturale facial tone
smells amazing with sorta light fruity hint
small amount enough for the face
affordable price at RM58 @

go get yours at 

until next magical day,

8 comments on "Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essences SPF50+ PA+++ | Sun Solution Review"
  1. If it doesn't smell like sunscreen you buy at the store I'm sold. My least favorite smells are sunscreen and hand sanitizer.

    1. Yes V! its pretty impressive. but the main ideal plus point for me was the texture! its super light and watery that you won't even feel like its sunblock! the smell is pretty light and has little hints of orangey smell.

  2. I really liked the photos and your description of the product.

  3. Yeah! High 5 that we love it. As shared in my recent user experience blogging, I am enjoying it after using it for almost 3 weeks plus. Similarly, I love it too because of it without the strong chemical smell from my past purchases of sunscreenssss. Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    1. YESSS! <3 its my everyday sunblock now. and its also affordable! alot of thick white sunblocks cost quite a load on the wallet. but perhaps they come in bigger tubes too. but nothing beats watery feeling and the non-sticky after feel!

  4. Love watery texture of sunscreen :) gonna check it out soon :) nice pics too :)

    1. yes yes! :) its watery and it light. abit like applying moisturizer. :)