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Monday, December 4, 2017

3 Easy Steps on Personalized Gifting |

It's the time of the year again where gifting plays an important part of our activities for the month! 
December to me is filled with birthday babies, anniversaries and the main gifting event of the year, Christmas! and with the spirit of giving kicking in, its also good to prepare early before the stores like Kaison gets cleared off! hahaha 

my family have been an avid fan for personalized gifts! my mom loves making customized photobooks for us and we love making thoughtful gifts for our love ones because its a sense of acknowledgement and it cherishes alot of memories through pictures and personalized gifts, cause you'd think back about it every time you flip a custom made album, when using a specially printed mug, and even encourages others to get a pretty nice idea when you share it with friends and family! 

just look at the collection of personalized gifts we have! :)
trust me there's more lying around the house that I couldn't really find. but yes. we've been sending each other personalized gift almost every year!

each one is precious to the heart! just like Printcious's tagline Precious Gifts from your Heart! 

and to be honest, every personalized gifts requires quite an effort in time and preparations! I've made photobooks of 40pages loaded with memories picked out from family trips, past birthdays and even random selfies from my phone. to top all that, designing the layout and the page with backgrounds, stickers and captions can be time consuming and pssttt.. if you're living in the same house as your receiver, extra effort to hide your screen too! 

but fret no more! cause I found out Printcious is much more easier to work with if you have limited time! and because they don't do photobooks that requires more time effort. all you need is these 3 Easy Steps to get your Precious Gift! 

1. Decide on What You Want to get? 
most personalized products are dependable on what your intention of gift for the receiver! and what is better suited and comfortable for your receiver! let's say your mom goes grocery shopping often, so you'd get her a tote bag! or your boyfriend enjoys coffee, how about a magic mug! they have tons of other options from phone cases to puzzles to pillows and  mugs!


2. Decide on your Personalized Touch! 
so here's the only harder part in the whole easy step. DECIDING WHICH PICTURE LOOKS THE BEST on your gift! yeap, whether its your couple selfies, to family pictures to even goofy relate able quotes graphics, you'd pretty much have a hard time picking. because I am guilty as charge, cause you don't want it to be tacky and you want your best photos on. so yes, go ahead and take some time to decide on this or plan out your list of gifts and do it all in one go by sorting good photos in a temporary album! 

3. Write up your little Message to boost that Awwww moment! 
one of the most important thing for a personalize gift to be extra special, is a simple message from the heart itself, sometimes it doesn't have to be all grand and branded goods because its always the thought that matters. even if you are getting a branded gift, there's always a card to pen your message through right? so there! always write a note for every gift! its good remembrance to be kept safe.  

so there you have it, 3 Easy Steps to making your Personalized Gift from Printcious for this upcoming gifting season! I'm getting gifts for friends and family, so look out for the upcoming reviews on their products soon! eye-ing on magic mug and the throw pillow! 

do you love receiving personalized gifts? what was your favourite one? :)
share with me on the comment below!

until next magical day,

3 comments on "3 Easy Steps on Personalized Gifting |"
  1. I've never stuck a personalized message on anything! I would love to stick an embarrassing picture on something my sister would use. (The kind of people we are) thanks for these ideas!

    1. hahahaha! don't worry! i do it to my sis and she does the same too! haha i get alot of piglet stuffs on special personalize items! hahhaha the chubby me trademark! glad it gives you a little spark! and they are best for parents! <3 my mom loves them to bits