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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Water 360° by Watsons Mineral Spring Hydrating Mask | Skincare review

hey there! happy holidays and hope everyone enjoyed their christmas!

Introduction photo of Water360 by Watson

today i'll be sharing a really hydrating sleeping mask! my skin has been pretty well-known for being dry and flaky. and i've got to admit i haven't been really religiously sticking to my skincare regime as i should have. but the most motivating sleeping mask i found is this super hydrating sleeping mask! 

introduced by my love,
this thing is magic! 
and i fell in love the moment i used it for my first night!

now i'm a good girl applying it on alternate nights! i'm very picky when it comes to masks because i don't like the sticky after-feel. so this has been a really happy found! though it does have a little of sticky feel right after you slob it on and AS THE MAGIC HAPPENS IT WILL SLOWLY BE ABSORBED INTO YOUR SKIN AND IT SMOOTHS OUT!

Packaging presentation

so what's this magic? 
Water 360° by Watsons! 

to my surprise Watson has Water 360° by Watsons have their own line of skincare, but I bought their bestseller, Mineral Spring Water Drop Hydrating Masks to try out! to be really honest, it was an impulsive bought as it was recommended by bby. but it was affordable with RM50+,
selling at RM 48.93 when they are having sales! for the tub. 

the mask itself
"Watsons Aquaface System combines 3 sources of mineral water including Alpine glacier water, Canadian sea mud water, and French Allevard hot spring water which are rich in 6 skin-friendly minerals*. Using zero mineral oils in our formula, our products take care of your skin and help strengthen its resistance against environmental damage. Together with French Marine Algae and Sea Lavender which contains trace elements that help infuse natural energy into your skin, this range replenishes the skin’s moisture level, soothes, and helps prevent aging, leaving your skin with a hydrated, healthy glow. * Zinc, Sodium, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Silicon

Enriched with Seaweed Extract from Jeju Island and Blue Jojoba particles encapsulated within the hydrating essence to further enhances the mask's hydrating ability"
- Watsons official website

what i loved about this sleeping mask is that the mask turns into water upon application! like i said kinda like magic! once applied i use my hand to spread out and massage around my face. the watery feeling you get when it turns into water really matches the name of the product! i'm not even being sarcastic, go try them out at their try me sample tubs. you'd be hypnotized to hoard it! haahaha

look! before,

swatches of the mask texture

after ! just look at those water droplets! its formed after a few massages.

results of the mask

it doesn't leave a sticky feeling once it dries off and prefect for sleeping in because no wash is required! but it might take while, so a few minutes with the sticky watery feeling is definite. but it was an OKAY PASS for me who is very picky to sticky after feel. so you'd be just fine too!  

closing post photo of product

tips : put the mask tub into the fridge to top it off with a cooling effect. 
i always make sure my masks are cold because i like the tingling feel when its applied cold on to the face is gives and extra punch of cooling effect. so if you're like me! feeeel free to try it!

the texture feels alot like mix between gel and cream, i'd say its paste-like but it applies quite smoothly with the spatula, though i would still use my hand to massage it around after applying it with the spatula. :) texture is definitely not creamy.

the smell has a watery light creamy/moisturizer smell to it, sort of a hint of fruity but yet not quite. but its a really nice smell to me. its light and fades off once it dries off. basically only you'd smell it.


I hope this will be a helpful review to everyone! to be honest, i tried looking around for the product review on it but was down as it was more launching media news related. and thus, hope this will help!

until next magical day

6 comments on " Water 360° by Watsons Mineral Spring Hydrating Mask | Skincare review"
  1. I'm also very picky with masks, I prefer sheet masks, I don't know why, haha. I've tried the night mask by laneige and is the only one I actually stick to! I need to try that trick to put them on the fridge, haha. I wish I could smell it, I'm gonna look for it! The "no wash required" really hit on me cause I'm so lazy to actually take it off, haha. I feel like I'm washing away all of the mask leaving nothing on my face, you know? haha awesome blog!


    1. HI FIVE TO LAZY WASH OFFS! hahaha laneige brand is among reallly godly brands for hydration! you're in good hands! its though pricey here in Malaysia. I always opt for affordable as much as i can. but I do have a laneige eye gel that keeps my under eye bags in control too!

  2. The weather in Oregon gets so cold in winter and I am having really dry skin. I think I need to give this a go!
    Simply Me

    1. HAHHAHA winter weather is killlerrr! i used to have cracked fingers when i was at the States! its crazy! this might not even be enough for the weather unless you slob on it frequently. i used creamy ones if needs to take on winter dry air!

  3. I love this mask too! Its' so hydrate my skin! :)

    1. right! its feels good feeling the water droplets too!