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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Avangio Mercato Restaurant Buffet Review | Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

hello guys!

did you know Mercato means Market in Italian? 
was invited to a tasting session at Mercato Restaurant in Avangio Hotel, Kota Kinabalu!
and will be sharing some of the menus and what I thought about the buffet spread!

Avangio Hotel Kota Kinabalu will be introducing their tasteful weekend buffet which will be available every weekend! at quite a reasonable price of RM48 /adult and RM38 /child (6-12yrs) inclusive of 6% GST too!

Now they also have a BUY4FREE1 Promotion! 

the buffet spread is focused on local delicacies. with quite an appealing appetizers like glass noodle salad, raw papaya salads, and local traditional dish, hinava! the chicken dumpling finger food was pretty addictive too! my favourite part of every buffet i go to is usually the appetizers! hahaha oh my. so they usually get extra scoops to my plate. oh god, how to diet. 

among the local dishes, there's mixtures of strong spiced rendangs and madras, and also lighter sweet tangy tastes like pineapple fish  and soy sauce based mixed chicken tofu. the taste wise is really great! just nice and flavourful!

I personally enjoyed the chicken tofu, and the pineapple fish
 kungpao chicken was cooked to perfection! best texture of the chicken because the chicken is soft and nicely marinated!

the beef rendang in peanut sauce was good too! nice sweet and peanuty taste still lingers after. 
my taste buds is definitely towards the sweet and tangy side, but you'll have to be there to try it yourself!

however they could improve on desserts, as I wish there was more variety for the sweet tooth like me! haha was hoping for ice creams and more cakes selections.

but all in all, enjoyed the night with a happy filled up tummy! and great companions!
i'm already craving the glass noodles with prawn! 

Thank you Avangio Hotel for having us! 

My Ratings:  

Saturday Dinner Buffet : 6:30PM - 10:00PM
Sunday Lunch Buffet : 12:00PM - 3:00PM 

Advance reservation preferred.
+6088-536888 or email them at

until next magical day,

Sunday, January 21, 2018

A Million Dreams, The Greatest Showman | Happy Thoughts Project

just watched The Greatest Showman recently and it has such an inspirational story line with what everyone probably goes through on a daily basis. literally every person probably could relate as long as you have a dream. as cliche as it may sound, and as childish it may be. I can assure you everyone has their own dream, some have yet to achieve and some - more realistically might still be a long way. but this song.... 

A Million Dreams
the Greatest Showman OST

"The brightest colors fill my head
A million dreams are keeping me awake"

it just screams confidence and believe in yourself! everyone has their own dreams and how they see the world. There will be people who will judge and there will also people who will be there along the way as you learn that they push you nearer to your dreams whether its the hard way or the smoother lane. but as long as your dreams are still bursting your drive and motivates you to move, you shouldn't give up! 

"They can say, they can say it all sounds crazy
They can say, they can say I've lost my mind
I don't care, I don't care, so call me crazy"

and what really hit me is, this song speaks taking on our dreams on our own pace as the world wait for each one of us. with the vision only from our own eyes. its teaching us to appreciate and to know ourselves a little more and don't care of what others might see us as. so much feels...

"There's a house we can build
Every room inside is filled
With things from far away"

each one of us is our own house, and as we store memories, exploring and going on adventures taking risks, we are filling the rooms and our souls with great things that only we can feel it ourselves. there may be ups, and there are definitely downs. the life experiences gained are all treasures that has shaped us who we are everyday, becoming a better version of ourselves. rooms adds up to become a house. :) 

"The special things I compile
Each one there to make you smile
On a rainy day"

be kind and humble and a little effort makes a lot of difference in making people's day. This teaches us little acts of kindness will put sunshine to other's rainy days. being thoughtful has always been a blessing, and putting in effort and the sincere heart in everything we do will not only makes others smile, it will to make you smile too! 

"However big, however small
Let me be part of it all
Share your dreams with me
You may be right, you may be wrong

But say that you'll bring me along"

I love how the part where there is always another person who will be supporting you no matter thick or thin. God has made loving people around us who supports us, so the rocky way to achieve our dream doesn't mean you have to do it alone. nope. there will always be people to share your dreams with, who will be there to support you all the way. 

this song is written so beautifully it really hit me hard in the feels as i understood each line of the lyrics, after a few loops it actually got me a little teary. today's post is so wordy, but i truly enjoy this song the most from the movie, with so much feels at so much simplicity, really had to share it with you guys! 


Happy Thoughts Project will be a little project where I share my thoughts and feels for inspiring and motivational songs with you that is playing on my playlist. it's a great way as i learn how to meditate and see life more beautifully with musics written by amazing people around! 

until next magical day,
Wednesday, January 17, 2018

How to Plan your Goals for the Year Effectively!

2017 have been full of ups and downs, experiences and challenges. but it was a good one as I bid farewell to it! you can check out my letter to my 25th year old self and share how was your yearly closing too! so let's rock 2018 together! today i'll be sharing how to plan your goals for the year! 

and because everyone would have prepared their resolutions by now, it will be perfect to refer to your own as you progress down with me! :)
trust me, you'd probably see it much more achievable as i did when i did mine! 

Goals spread are usually overviews and decorative art for your journal and its usually the core main pages for your planner!
so, there is no limits! you can play with stickers, washi tapes, copic markers and even just plain pen and colours like mine for a start! I like the fact that bullet journaling is flexible for you because it's your own timeline for the year so you can opt for whatever that makes you happy! but if you're like me who is really new to it, and prefer to start off to get in track noob style. join me with the pre-set usual printed planners! who said they can't be just as magical?  

so for my goal spread, i broke it down to a few important pages for myself to set my goals right! 


5year plan. i know that there's always changes and you can't predict 5years of activities, but its a good way to keep track on your travel  plans, investment plans, your relationship plans because these are usually for the long term outcomes and its good to have atleast a general guide so you'd fit them in for next year's yearly planning! I MADE SURE I PUT IN MY AGE SO YOU'D ACTUALLY HAVE A SENSE OF COMMITMENT TO IT. because everyone wants to have atleast something to be proud of, as they age! and we are not getting any younger, so never waste precious years. 

here comes the details in sorting out your resolutions into these categories!


Income goals are my earnings and incomes i plan to achieve, so here I aspire to get at least RM6k a month. and by breaking down to how i will achieve this goal, it gives me a sense of understanding where will the money come from and how hard i need to work on to achieve that goal in terms of savings - how much amount i need to save for the month, investment - how much to invest that it will return a passive income of what value, part-time work, freelancing, whatever it takes to reach it! so if you have a big number for the year, make sure you break it down to monthly/daily - helps if you can list all possible income in detailed figure too! passive incomes and monthly salary.


Impact goals is my goals to contribute back to the community! I've always wanted to be part of an NGO and do good to the needed. but never had the time to actually work on it. this helps in self development and i guess its a sense of achievement and the feeling of being able to contribute really brings positive vibes to a person itself! hence, this year, and probably most of my years will be for the animals. SPCAKK, my goal is to help these shelter animals.


Health out of most obvious reasons, is one of the most important aspects in life! I bet everyone wants a diet and a good body. probably on everyone's resolutions out of obvious reasons! hahaha but yes, I am definitely needing this long awaited healthier lifestyle of mine. so to start it off, my main goal is not exercise - hahaha but to drink 8 cups of water each day. just because i am a very well trained cactus. but its not good. along side is to atleast move around and do some simple at home workouts with a 48KG average goal in mind. so let's start small.
less carbs less sugar. 

for the most obvious goal, everyone would have a personal goal in every new year! so for mine, i broke it down to every week i'd spend a scheduled hours to learn and improve myself . Personal goal however again I broke it to 4 Quarters which means 4 Mini Goals :

Q1 practice meditation and find time to getting to know myself!
Q2 will be for my arts, skills to draw more and to design more to improve
Q3 to practice my japanese again so i can visit the amazing country again to visit my host families!
Q4 social skills and networking with people more


so basically, once you categorize your goals,
break them down as specific with a numbered value and details as you can! 
if you want RM20K savings, you'd need to save RM1.6K a month, thats RM56~ a day. so, save that amount everyday. do or die. its that simple.

and think of
  HOW? how are you going to do it?  
WHAT? what needs to be done to get there?  
WHEN? when is the goal deadline you give to yourself? 
WHO? who will be able to help get to your goals? 
WHERE? where can you achieve/execute those plans? 
WHY?  is to identify if the particular task will be helpful?

have you gotten your 2018 planned out yet? its never too late to start your goal planning!
hope this will help you in building your own goals! it doesn't have to be a daily bullet journal, and planner and notebooks works just fine! I do a weekly gratitude review for myself to keep the habit of daily planning! you can too! :) its your life your story, so make everyday count!

until next magical day,

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Once Upon A Time..... | TrollBeads Malaysia x The Butterfly Project Malaysia

sketch of Copenhagen town

in the year 1976, Copenhagen of Denmark lived Soren 'Silversmith' Nielsen who sold beads at his father's jewelry shop in Central Copenhagen.

1976 Danish fashion accessories sketch

during those time, the fashion trends were of wearing single silver bead on a leather cord necklace.

Soren's thinking idea sketch

Soren was creative and thought that, why not create something that stood out by placing the opening through the center of the bead instead? (it probably holds on to the string more sturdily compare to hanging pendants eh?)
Faces bead, by Trollbeads

And soo.. sterling silver beads named Faces, was created. with 6 smiling faces as the pioneering the holed charm, the bead itself has 6 faces in different angles as you turn the bead. Lise Aagaard, Soren's sister thought she'd have them thread through her silver bracelet!

Trollbeads opening story sketch

as the trend continues to growth, Lise Aagaard also started Trollbeads and opened her own jewelry store. 

the story of a customer's request sketch

One day, a customer walks in and requested a second charm to her bracelet. the shopkeeper was shock as it was something new in the industry, but abide to the customer's request anyway. 

and from that day on, customers from all walks of life started telling their own story collecting charms. Up until year 2000, every Trollbeads were still designed by the family! and as the company grew, collaborations with customers and great designers around has build what Trollbeads has become today.  

with Trollbeads pioneering the charm beads industry of 40 years, other brands comes by along the way. Among popular brands, these bracelets plays their own special role dependent on individual's preferences and style but tells their own story. here's some of the differences between top charm brands in Malaysia! 

Battle of the Bead brands in Malaysia

Pandora / Trollbeads / Thomas Sabo
I bet you can still tell them apart without the labels? because of their own distinct features, its pretty obvious on their differences each with their own preferences in market.

  • Trollbeads holds dear to its roots with their charms having a rustic traditional feel and look to it! which I believe can be an accessory suitable for men & women.
  • Pandora charms are simplistic and are much more modern focusing on the clean look perfect for the younger generations.
  • Thomas Sabo are famous for their dangling charms which are trendy and leans much more towards classy feminine.  

I am a Plain Jane simple type of person when it comes to accessories, in fact! its rare for me to have accessories with me because of my simple dress up and casual personality. I often have simple shaped accessories like a star or a simple round sphere.  ANNND SOOO~ JUST LOOK at this super simple yet gorgeous collection!!

Simple bangles from Trollbeads collection
Photo credits to Official Trollbeads Malaysia Facebook

i fell in love with their simple bangle collection!
there is so much nicely themed charms but yet simple enough for casual wears! so perfect! 

So whats your story to tell? 
whats your type of charms? 

The Butterfly Project logo and Trollbeads logo
This is a contest entry for The Butterfly Project Malaysia's collaboration with Trollbeads Malaysia.

Trollbeads Malaysia is available at MidValley, Sunway Pyramid and Vivacity Megamall, Kuching! 
and also available online at  Trollbeads Official Website!

until next magical day,

Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Letter to the 25th year old Me!

hey wan, 

while everyone is reviewing their resolutions for 2017 and setting new ones for 2018, i'd like to tell you that you did a good job this year. it was our quarter life crisis; where adulthood may hit us hard but it was also a great year that I learnt so much about life itself, i grew up a little and understood it maturely. not that we weren't mature enough. but its also the year I learnt to let go and be myself and live and do as much as I want it to be. threw away heavy burdens and pressures, although we are still working on it slowly but as ever, glad we have magical people who are always caring and supportive! even if you had to cry yourself to sleep, learning it the hard way was - to be honest, brutal. but effective. somehow. ha ha 

as we both grow older, we learnt to see people much more better. perhaps just a little better but kudos in figuring it out who matters and who doesn't so you'd waste less time, and focus on the amazing people who are there to slap reality in check and to support you in whatever you do at the same time. there is no doubt that we sometimes felt used and taken granted for, but to learn that is our greatest thing we could offer to others was the happiest gift of all. Our kindness is definitely our strength and no matter how shitty it feels to be unfair sometimes, always know there is people who is proud of us for it and love us that way

our 25th year together was definitely a trial and error year where we took the most risks of all, from falling back in love, to quitting a great paying job, and plunging into a bootcamp living out away from home without an income, probably going broke planning the future and even tried out little little bits of curiosities right before 2017 ended. if you're reading this, thank you for being part of it all the way! those risks may have yet to prove itself worth, but every minute of it risked i will never regret, because i learnt so much and still learning to be happy. 

as for 2018, i won't let you down! it will be an even better version of ourselves! 
with proper goals planned out, and adventures to explore! we will work on it for sure. slowly but surely. :) 

Cheers to another year together,
the 26th year old you


happy birthday to myself! 
i'd recommend everyone to actually try this self reflect to yourself! 
because as the time passes, years go by, we're chasing our own self improving and working towards a better version of ourselves everyday for us and ourselves only. 

the less we compare ourselves to others, 
the happier we will be.

until next magical day