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Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Letter to the 25th year old Me!

hey wan, 

while everyone is reviewing their resolutions for 2017 and setting new ones for 2018, i'd like to tell you that you did a good job this year. it was our quarter life crisis; where adulthood may hit us hard but it was also a great year that I learnt so much about life itself, i grew up a little and understood it maturely. not that we weren't mature enough. but its also the year I learnt to let go and be myself and live and do as much as I want it to be. threw away heavy burdens and pressures, although we are still working on it slowly but as ever, glad we have magical people who are always caring and supportive! even if you had to cry yourself to sleep, learning it the hard way was - to be honest, brutal. but effective. somehow. ha ha 

as we both grow older, we learnt to see people much more better. perhaps just a little better but kudos in figuring it out who matters and who doesn't so you'd waste less time, and focus on the amazing people who are there to slap reality in check and to support you in whatever you do at the same time. there is no doubt that we sometimes felt used and taken granted for, but to learn that is our greatest thing we could offer to others was the happiest gift of all. Our kindness is definitely our strength and no matter how shitty it feels to be unfair sometimes, always know there is people who is proud of us for it and love us that way

our 25th year together was definitely a trial and error year where we took the most risks of all, from falling back in love, to quitting a great paying job, and plunging into a bootcamp living out away from home without an income, probably going broke planning the future and even tried out little little bits of curiosities right before 2017 ended. if you're reading this, thank you for being part of it all the way! those risks may have yet to prove itself worth, but every minute of it risked i will never regret, because i learnt so much and still learning to be happy. 

as for 2018, i won't let you down! it will be an even better version of ourselves! 
with proper goals planned out, and adventures to explore! we will work on it for sure. slowly but surely. :) 

Cheers to another year together,
the 26th year old you


happy birthday to myself! 
i'd recommend everyone to actually try this self reflect to yourself! 
because as the time passes, years go by, we're chasing our own self improving and working towards a better version of ourselves everyday for us and ourselves only. 

the less we compare ourselves to others, 
the happier we will be.

until next magical day

4 comments on "A Letter to the 25th year old Me! "
  1. You know this was poetic In its own way... Beautiful... I'm sure the future you will appreciate the past you...
    May 2018 be a wonderful year for you!

    1. hello Yana!
      awww thanks so much! haha eventhough it wasn't suppose to be poetic but i guess it does have a little ring to it on how i wrote it.
      may your 2018 be blessed too! hopefully we will get to meet someday. :)

  2. Happy birthday! This letter really is poetic. You write it with such sincere words. I'm glad that you know kindness is worth it even when sometimes it's hard. (:
    Simply Me

    1. thank you Vanessaa! :D
      yes, kindness is probably things i have in me that is automated. but usually the same thing that is always taken granted for too. so learning a step at a time to not care of what comes in return, but always give.