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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Once Upon A Time..... | TrollBeads Malaysia x The Butterfly Project Malaysia

sketch of Copenhagen town

in the year 1976, Copenhagen of Denmark lived Soren 'Silversmith' Nielsen who sold beads at his father's jewelry shop in Central Copenhagen.

1976 Danish fashion accessories sketch

during those time, the fashion trends were of wearing single silver bead on a leather cord necklace.

Soren's thinking idea sketch

Soren was creative and thought that, why not create something that stood out by placing the opening through the center of the bead instead? (it probably holds on to the string more sturdily compare to hanging pendants eh?)
Faces bead, by Trollbeads

And soo.. sterling silver beads named Faces, was created. with 6 smiling faces as the pioneering the holed charm, the bead itself has 6 faces in different angles as you turn the bead. Lise Aagaard, Soren's sister thought she'd have them thread through her silver bracelet!

Trollbeads opening story sketch

as the trend continues to growth, Lise Aagaard also started Trollbeads and opened her own jewelry store. 

the story of a customer's request sketch

One day, a customer walks in and requested a second charm to her bracelet. the shopkeeper was shock as it was something new in the industry, but abide to the customer's request anyway. 

and from that day on, customers from all walks of life started telling their own story collecting charms. Up until year 2000, every Trollbeads were still designed by the family! and as the company grew, collaborations with customers and great designers around has build what Trollbeads has become today.  

with Trollbeads pioneering the charm beads industry of 40 years, other brands comes by along the way. Among popular brands, these bracelets plays their own special role dependent on individual's preferences and style but tells their own story. here's some of the differences between top charm brands in Malaysia! 

Battle of the Bead brands in Malaysia

Pandora / Trollbeads / Thomas Sabo
I bet you can still tell them apart without the labels? because of their own distinct features, its pretty obvious on their differences each with their own preferences in market.

  • Trollbeads holds dear to its roots with their charms having a rustic traditional feel and look to it! which I believe can be an accessory suitable for men & women.
  • Pandora charms are simplistic and are much more modern focusing on the clean look perfect for the younger generations.
  • Thomas Sabo are famous for their dangling charms which are trendy and leans much more towards classy feminine.  

I am a Plain Jane simple type of person when it comes to accessories, in fact! its rare for me to have accessories with me because of my simple dress up and casual personality. I often have simple shaped accessories like a star or a simple round sphere.  ANNND SOOO~ JUST LOOK at this super simple yet gorgeous collection!!

Simple bangles from Trollbeads collection
Photo credits to Official Trollbeads Malaysia Facebook

i fell in love with their simple bangle collection!
there is so much nicely themed charms but yet simple enough for casual wears! so perfect! 

So whats your story to tell? 
whats your type of charms? 

The Butterfly Project logo and Trollbeads logo
This is a contest entry for The Butterfly Project Malaysia's collaboration with Trollbeads Malaysia.

Trollbeads Malaysia is available at MidValley, Sunway Pyramid and Vivacity Megamall, Kuching! 
and also available online at  Trollbeads Official Website!

until next magical day,

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