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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Hello Stranger Cafe | Riverson, Kota Kinabalu

walking down the streets with strangers passing by, we often think that everyone is a mere being on it own pace, but there is also sometimes when we meet really nice strangers who turn into best of friends!

Seated nicely along the Walk in Riverson, Hello Stranger first caught my attention was their unique branding. I am a sucker for the word ‘hello’ and there is no reason behind it, but the word just speaks openness and warm welcoming don’t you think? Plus! somehow the alphabets just make me smile every time I see it. I can even declare its my favorite word of all time.

credits to Hello Stranger's facebook page

The interior is cozy and lighted lightly with a laid back atmosphere, perfect for silent quality time or a unwind relax catch-up. The couch is perfect for a lazy dayyy reading! All in all, the place reminds me so much of the western homes yet with an edgy modern touch to it. – yes, the book shelf has extra point for having that moving ladder you see in old western libraries! Kinda nice for an impromptu backdrop for photoshoots too! Haha – hints hints 

I am personally a Vietnamese food fan! So when I found out they serve Vietnamese and asian fusion it was excitement all over because I can have my Banh Mi craving satisfied here in Kota Kinabalu! Yay! Served with Banh Mi baguette, they have options for Lemongrass Grilled Chicken, Beef or Tofu! as well as Teriyaki Beef or Chicken. | RM10.90 ~ RM16.90

Also not forgetting! Viet Cold Noodle Salad –Tofu, you can also opt for Beef or Chicken, one of my all time favourite Viet delicacies similar to the summer rolls! Served with fish sauce and lime! It’s refreshing and perfect for those who are watching weight or vegetarians. | RM10.90 ~ RM16.90

Another noteworthy on the menu is the Butter Chicken Linguine, full of flavours on every chew. The warm butter sauce sticks on the linguine blended well together with crunchy fried chicken katsu! though it was all devoured before I could take a proper solo photo of it! i'd highly recommend you to try it yourself!| RM15.90
Eggs Benedict lovers! here's where you can get your brunch fix with selections from Smoked Salmon to Chicken Ham! they also serve sandwiches  | RM13.90 ~ RM16.90

They also serve selections of cakes displayed for sweet tooths! Matcha Honey is a must try! The cream is infused with honey which you can really taste the heavenly fragrant of the honey yet not too sweet with just the nice light spongy cake.  | RM12 per slice

They have drinks variety from soft drinks to lemonades, I might not be a coffee person, but the Vietnamese coffee would be something you should try out if you enjoy a nice coffee kick! – Psst it’s my dad’s favourite.| RM6 ~ RM14

credits to Hello Stranger's facebook page

thus, my final verdict - overall food is flavourful and delicious. although slightly on the pricey side for the portion served but is a definitely good place to chill and try out if you're a vietnamese cuisine lover just like me! 

My Ratings:  
Hello Stranger Cafe, The Walk Riverson
Price Range : RM10 - 20

Opening Hours : 
mon - fri 8:30AM - 6PM
sat - sun 11AM - 6PM

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  1. Nice blogpost 😊. Will try, love Vietnamese Coffee.

    1. thank you! :)
      and yes! dont forget to try their honey matcha cake too!