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Monday, April 9, 2018

Peripera Fashion People Carrier | Makeup Review

hey hey!

i have been always on-the-go lately for meetings and work related stuffs! while i do enjoy a good getaway sometimes to the big city, its always a hassle to pack. being a light and simple packer myself. I tend to avoid unnecessary stuffs and pack my needs. 

when i found out i won a giveaway from tammy! from her birthday giveaway post. i was in deep joyy because i get to try out this super cute travel carrier kit from Peripera and now i can really travel light minimizing myself to bring my giant makeup bag. thank you again tammy for the little makeup carrier and for the chance to win it! 

the kit comes with a DIY sticker set. and 5 miniature makeup essentials. had so much fun decorating the carrier, it was like childhood all over again where we stick stickers all over our books and toys. 
the cute little carrier can even extend handle and be pulled around just like a real travel luggage! 

so, going to be straight up honest, i was it a little disappointed with the size of the products because its really tiny and the bottle ain't that full for a week's application. probably 3-4 uses max. 

however, product wise was pretty impressive. 3 lip colours - 1 concealer - 1 multi-shadow

Petal-Like Lips
sweet light pink with the matte finish with a flowery smell too! 

Vivid Tint Water
the tint has a very watery texture but lasted really long, with quite a natural colour. smelled like apple, simply amazing!

Ink The Velvet
love the orangy bright red that comes with it! again, the colour holds quite well. fell in love with the sweet fruity smell. 

Ink Concealer
the concealer is pretty light! so if you have a tanner skin tone, it might not be suitable. even for myself, it was a little too overwhelmingly white. but its great for highlights and it blends quite well. 

Ink Multi Shadowing
i'm not really a pro at shadowing, but the colour is just nice for mild shadowing and blending with the concealer for a light contour. 

overall verdict? selling at the price RM118.12 on Hermo and RM99 on Althea
it's really really cute but definitely overpriced for a miniature set for me.

until next magical day,

Monday, April 2, 2018

Coral Flyer : Zipping through majestic waters!

hey guys! 

sabah has been blessed with amazing seas and beaches, and us locals no matter how many times we've been to the island. the sea will still always caught me in awe no matter how much i am used to it - to be really honest, i am not much of a fan of the sea. but this is perfect for a getaway from the city vibes and hustle bustle streets.

got my long overdue needed dose of vitamin sea! 
its been awhile to be able to just sit back and enjoy the sea breeze.

thanks to roy and bev! i got to try out the Coral Flyer Zipliner! most island will have a variety of sea activities like diving, banana boat rides, paragliding, kayaking and the basic snorkeling! The Coral flyer is something different, that involves a little hike. but with the view and experience you get, i'd hike that trail again anyday! plus its not really a big hike anyway, so yes. worth the hike. 

thanks sherrie and roy for capturing my experience!

zipping from Padang Point to Sapi Island, its 250 meters long zipline crosses over from island to island over the beautiful sea! I was realllyyy nervous before the push, but along the zipline you'd feel sooo free and breathless at the same time.

you can get your tickets at Sapi Island Jetty for RM68!  
Bookings and more information you can always email them at

journey from Jesselton Point Jetty  -  Sapi Island took about 20minutes on speedboat
the cost for the two-way fare was at RM25 ~ RM32! Feel free to do a few comparison among the booths in the Jesselton Point Jetty for discounts and group prices. 

Once at the island, you are also subjected to Conservation fee at the Island's jetty of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Parks:

  • Malaysian Adult - RM5  | Children Below 18years old - RM3  | Senior Citizen - RM3
  • International Adult - RM20 | Children Below 18years old - RM15  | Below 6 Years old - RM10 | Senior Citizen -  RM15

will recommend to head out as early as 8AM~9AM to start your trip, and return to Jesselton Point by 2PM~ to avoid the rough sea. and bring loads of water for hydration as well as your sunblock guys!

hope this post of the little adventure will keep you excited in trying the Coral Flyer Zipline! its really a great experience! 

until next magical day,