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Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Salted Egg Potato Chips Showdown! | IRVINS vs Golden Duck

jeng jeng jenggg! 
so i visited Singapore recently and all my friends have suggested me to the salted egg yolk chips/fish skins because they are the recent hype nowadays! and to my shock, yes! they are everywhere and a good variety of brands as well. but I hadn't had much time to really explore the options - so I went to try out for the 2 prominent ones that you can tell are probably a fair contender for this showdown. 

first off!
we have IRVINS Salted Egg Potato Chips! it took me a good 45mins queue for this purchase. and the people in front of me was buying 5-6packs each! it was sorta impulsive to me. it was my first try and I guess i might have regretted buying this limited amount. but it was also quite pricey among the competitors available. well, we shall see how it is so famous or its just because of the hype! because not only is the queue crazy, they sell off within the hour of delivery and it gets me super curious in what is in these bags of chips?!

definitely love the marketing strategy and their packaging, the graphics is spot on and i enjoy the creative side in creating that cute mascot they have. cute, yet edgy! the branding totally leaves an impression, which i think explains the queue and hype. 

they are selling at SGD16 for the large pack! thats around RM46+~! 
god save my wallet pocket.

the contender!
The Golden Duck - Gourmet Salted Egg Yolk Potato Chips! had recommendations for this brand and is to believe a well distributed brand! this brand can also be seen sold out in many places, but its available on the shelves of most supermarket and convenient stores, they have them 7-Eleven! 

the website is nicely clean-cut and simple to navigate! kudos to keeping that Asian feel to the design and details too. the packaging is not as eye catching as IRVINS, but a fair simplicity of brown that gets them stand out just as much! 

they are selling at SGD7 for their standard pack. thats around RM20+~! 
cheaper but still burns the wallet for potato chips. 



to be honest, they both tasted pretty similar with the strong salted egg seasoning while the potato thins and textures are probably my determining factor. so here's the verdict! 

IRVINS : A good equal amount of coating and salted egg taste. I like the fact that the potato taste is still prominent even though the seasonings are so strong! Plus point for being super light and crispy

GOLDEN DUCK : Has a stronger curry leaves and spice taste - if you have more you can actually taste the chilli and curry leaves. just as equally coated, but the crisp in the potato might have lacked that extra crisp! 


well, this is pretty obvious on the pricing! but if we do not convert it to Ringgit Malaysia,
as expected, the content is 50% of the package. In regards to this, I'd say Golden Duck might be a better option if you are craving the taste but do not want to burn your bank. 


both comes in resealable zips on the packaging. and are well packed to make sure the yummy goodness inside is still addictive. However, IRVINS wins as they have smaller pack versions that might be more suitable for people to munch on individually, while Golden Duck has a standard package which i'd believe its better to share. 

yes. the bigger packs might be more affordable but if you are not sharing, it might be too much your taste bud can handle. I obviously had a handful and is already out and looking for refreshing drinks to clear up. 


"nope. atleast not until the next 3-5months"
its definitely the hype going around that got everyone crazy for these goodies, they are really really tasty and might really get you addicted to it. but might not be long until you give up eating because of the strong salted egg taste. i'd probably won't be buying these until the next 3-5months. Main reasons being the price, but on personal thought - you can still find homemade recipes that might have cost much more less. 

would you line up for 45minutes to get these? 

until next magical day,

2 comments on "The Salted Egg Potato Chips Showdown! | IRVINS vs Golden Duck "
  1. Gilalah. If convert can kill people one. RM50 per pack if buy online. I would try at least once unless am really hooked.

    1. but should atleast try once lah! if you're feeling rich or hit the lottery. hahahah it is really really good to be honest. but.. sadly overpriced.