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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Asian Fusion at Le Caffe & Salato | Karamunsing Capital

Sunday brunch made easy now that i found a quaint family spot that's quite reasonable and happy food for which i think would be perfect for my dad who's a full fledged Asian rice bowl. located inside Karamunsing Capital next to the old Boston restaurant, this simple yet modern cafe is a month old and is still taking baby steps improving in the cafe scene - but definitely a hands down experienced chef is cooking up one of the best chinese hawker delicacies serving meals close to home!


Salato Claypot Fragrant Loh Shu Fun –  RM9.80

their claypot loh shu fun was definitely a hit! and is definitely love at first bite for all of us there. I love how the wok taste is just nice and the flavour is light but just enough to light up your whole tastebud. the beaten egg sauce texture is just nice and the entire pot is at the right wet! 

Salato Tiger Prawn Carbonara – RM27.80

probably the fanciest among the menu. but also one of the impressive pastas i have ever tasted. the prawns are huge and the portion could actually feeds 2. Serving on Buttermilk Sauce, the pasta is infused with the fragrant of the Tiger Prawn and words just couldn't explain how impress i was with it! 

Salato Crab Fried Meehoon – Seasonal Chef’s Special

all hail best meehon i have ever tasted. i am personally is a meehoon kinda girl and i like my meehoon particularly dry. so this. was. really. super. duper. delicious. the meehoon, just like the pasta had the taste of the crab itself! the sweet fresh seafood taste of the crab and THE CRAB IS NICELY COOKED ITS SPRINGY AND SPOT ON! cooking crabs requires quite a skill to get the right texture, if its not cook enough, or over cooked you'd get a mushy texture. so yes. i used my hands to eat the crab, and i am proud! although its a little plain on the ingredients, but honestlyy- there is no better way to have it. Just Meehoon and Crab - my crab dream come true. nothing else needed. 
this menu comes only on the weekend depending on availability at a seasonal price.  


as you can tell, i'm a sucker for shellfish so yes! prawns and crabs will always have a bonus point. and considering the noodles was so infused with the seafood taste. I am surprise and amazed how the chef did it! and will definitely come back for that flavourful meal! Also a note to remember the portion are quite big and i'd recommend sharing. unless you're a big man.


Coconut Drink - RM8

tadaaa! yes! the super darn cute nicely HAND SANDED COCONUT DRINK is among the noteworthy yums for Le Caffe & Salato! home grown from their own kampung in Keningau - these babies are driven over weekly to serve you with the best refreshing pandan coconut!

 Salato Super Flavourful Fried Chicken Wings & Drumettes  – RM9.80

these fried chicken wings and drumettes was so flavourful! we couldn't stop munching on them. its marinated just nice full of bursting flavours the moment you bite on the crispy batter. but yet, its not too salty. so it gets you really addicted to it.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets – RM9.80

the homemade sausages were shaped in balls and its a great finger food! wrapped with bean curd skin, the meat and vegetables inside really holds the flavour well. sorta like fried siew mais but bigger. much bigger and yummier. 


so where's the fusion? they also have a variety cakes selection on display which are perfect for tea break or yumcha session. there's always room for desserts!

it was a really nice get together and thank you to clara for hosting us! 
check out the lovely ladie's love at first bite too! 


Le Caffe & Salato, Karamunsing Capital
Price Range : RM8 - RM35
serves no pork

Opening Hours:
Tues-Sun 10AM - 10PM
Monday closed day
Closed Every 2nd & 4th Monday

until next magical day