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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Boiing Boiing face with My Beauty Masks |

gold hydrogel masks! remember when i mentioned i fell in love with hydrogel masks in my previous post at the Butterfly Tapau goodies overview? yeap, receiving more hydrogel masks to really give these a good review brings me to excitement!

here some quick perks for hydrogel masks?

No Watery Drips 
No Slippery Fall Offs
Easy to Attach and Detach 
Filled with Goodness of  the Essences 

"Hydrogel is a gel that holds 99% of liquid due to their molecular capacity of holding 500 times it’s size. The gel is used extensively in the medical field for wound dressing, to speed up the healing process while cooling the affected area. It serves as a hydrating barrier to protect the wound from inflammation and any growth of bacteria. Hydrogel is also found in tissue engineering, contact lenses and hygiene products. So how does our skin benefit from wearing a Hydrogel Mask? Using a hydrogel mask during our skincare routine helps boost the cellular function. "MOIRA Beauty

today's hydrogel masks are My Beauty Masks from..
thank you tammy from Butterfly Project Malaysia for sharing these lovely masks and keeping us caterpillar's faces plump and bouncy. Their masks are proudly free from the following 8 ingredients!

let's start off with.. 

Red Ginseng Gold Hydrogel Mask 
the texture is soft and bouncy just as you'd expect for a hydrogel, leaves a really nice fit to the face too! because i have a rather round face. because Red Ginseng is known for its toning and anti-aging properties, the masks reflects more towards helping out in anti-aging properties like stretch marks, toning and brightening. mom gives it a good feedback where she can see some brightening effects after usage.

Ginger Gold Hydrogel Mask
similar texture with a soft and bouncy feel from the hydrogel. Ginger on its own has always been known for remedies in curing various health concerns, containing antioxidant properties that prevents free radical damage and protect against aging making our skin boiing boinng just like the masks! it left me a little tingling heat feeling which i presume it was from the ginger. but all in all i can feel my face much more glow and softer! 

here's my mom's happy relax time enjoying her Ginger Gold Hydrogel Mask!
the only downside i didn't like on hydrogel masks for this range is that it tears quite easily and very hard to readjust to fit your face. delicate hands is very much needed.

Rice Sheet Mask
included is also our regular sheet masks from MY Product Company, which plays quite an important role that brightens and hydrates our skin! with the nutrient properties on rice extracts, there is no doubt its screams happiness to our skin. :) because rice extracts is good for our skins


The Butterfly Project Malaysia is a community group that helps bloggers grow and learn!

The Butterfly Project
"The name was inspired by a local magazine - Female Magazine when they showcased a series of challenges for a group of women to undergo makeovers ranging from beauty to lifestyle called the Female Butterfly Project. Much like America's The Swan without the plastic surgery and dental work. Since then, Tammy has initiated her own group of women bloggers to inspire and challenge them to makeover themselves through blogging. The community's tagline "Beauty From Head To Toemeant becoming beautiful from the inside and out."


until next magical day,