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Thursday, January 31, 2019

JANUARY Highlights

hey everyone!

This year, its gonna be a better me as mentioned in my birthday post - which means, i will be practicing gratitude as part of it too. starting to believe this is a good way to appreciate and reflect on what's good and the improvements needed. here's to first month of 2019!


  • Singapore trip with the lovely colleagues of mine for our little getaway celebration.
  • Started off with good vibes and de-clutter my room and stuffs that sparks no joy. 
  • Started getting serious on solving my freckles and pigmentation on my face by making sure it is hydrated with daily routines! day & night!
  • Skincare researches and stock up at - My Althea Velvet Petal Powders! 
  • Emptied out some overdue skincare, so stay tuned for my Bye Bye Bin series coming soon. 
  • Finally kicked in the habit to drink water - manage to maintain 3 litres /day

  • To start exercising and weight lose commitment, with 50kg as my goal!
  • sort out contents for the blog with scheduled timeline
  • Detox every morning! solving bloating issues with ginger/lady's finger water daily.

this is pretty calming and to think i should be doing this on a daily basis, a monthly summary will really allow me to think back what were the highlights. but hey! i have a pretty normal life. so there wouldn't much exciting things - yet. so cheers for the 2019 months to be more interesting where i step up my comfort zone! thank you for reading some of my personal stuffs even though they might bored you. 

until next magical day,

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack | V while you sleep!

I was born with a baby face and as I gained so much weight recently - I looked so round! Hahaha Sometimes I’m not too sure if its water retention on my facial tissues or it’s just me being the chubby me, but either way. I have been religiously working hard trying to reduce extra flabs around my face with a daily roller routine! Just started the routine, so there’s definitely not much huge impact on my face yet. But did you know there a magical cream that is going to help you get that V shape while you sleep?

I was excited as they are launching this new product! Now the sleepy head me can hit birds with stones!

The ID.AZ Face Fit is a skincare line that focuses on slimming, volume and lifting the face. The brand is a brainchild of a Korean Aesthetic Centre, ID Group that specialises on facial surgery to non-invasive cosmetic products - under, ID PlaCosmetics where they provide lifting and face contouring. I am no chemist, but one of the main features is that it contains SDC - Sodium Deoxycholate, that helps break fats in the skin! YAY TO BREAKING FATS INSIDE THE SKIN. 

I’ve heard so much good stuffs from the brand and how promising they have been with their products ranging from masks to serums, can’t wait to share you my experience with their Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack! I guess you can really trust a patented company for their expertise. 

I apply it on my last step after moisturizer – with just a light dabs on my jaw line and some under my chin. Just to maximize that lifting and slimming effect! To fully get the optimal effect, I massage my jaw line upwards for about 2mins each side too! Just a small swipe will be enough to cover the face, so don't scoop too much - I believe consistency more than volume! 

** PS : I can’t use it with my Vitamin C serums because it contains Niacinamide which counters the effects. So I alternate my VitaC to morning routine. J  If you are like me, you can use it with your AHA/BHA routine!

The masks has a thick gel-like texture that absorbs quite well to the skin with time! As I spread on my face, I did some upward rolling to help boost the firming effects! So it actually doesn’t really feel as sticky overtime. Morning comes you will feel it is totally absorbed in to the skin, because I could not felt any stickiness anymore.  

So did it really gave me a V face? Been using it for almost 2weeks now, I can say there is a slight improvement on my chubby cheeks and jaw line. Quite prominent sight too! I’ll be more religious for the daily sleeping routine to find out! But overall – its’ looking good and promising!
Also, it really helps smoothen my skin! I can feel my pores are not as visible as before.

A slight floral fresh scent – no issue on scents for me because I like it light and it goes away as you apply it.

Selling at RM199 at Watsons – I’d sayyy yess! Considering it is quite affordable for what it can do. Better than plastic surgery right? :) Only downside would be the bulky packaging which it was harder to keep in my travel pouch. But I’d dump it in my luggage anyway so problem solved!

Do you see some slight V-shaping going on my face? 


You can get your own ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Mask at Watson stores for RM199. BUT THEY ARE ON PROMOTION NOW! Head on over to the link down below to check itu out!

The mask is sponsored by ID.AZ for an honest review through The Butterfly Project Community, all review and written are based on honest experiences and thoughts on the products.

until next magical

Sunday, January 20, 2019

5 Tips to 5-Star Experience at Busan Firework Festival

Watching fireworks is never the same anymore, ever since we came back from The 14th Busan Firework Festival 2018 at Gwangalli Beach. New Years Eve, was spent with some quality chit chat and chocolates in the car by the roadside instead. Just reminiscing right now as I write this makes me miss the Fireworks experience so much! AND I TOLD MYSELF I WILL GO BACK THERE AGAIN! BECAUSE IT TOOK MY BREATH AWAY AS I LOOK AT THAT 1 HOUR DISPLAY IN AWE. Honestly, photos couldn’t even do the display justice. 

The Annual Busan Firework Festival was the highlight of my 5D4N trip to Busan! Read all about on my upcoming itinerary blogpost and feel free to use the planned trip for your trip – credits to my sister and her boyfriend for the research!

The Busan Fireworks Festival is held every year and usually towards October. So perhaps you can check out Korea TourismBoard with the latest dates. And their latest updates! Though the date have not been set for 2019 yet, but I look forward! 

It was our first time so we did not had any expectation and even planned on anything, we just showed up early and hope for the best. Little did we know as we arrive at 3PM because we asked locals, they advised us to go early to get seats! They have seating prepared for a price to pay, they sell them at the entrance, around $100+.

Because we were on budget trip, and there were 5 of us, we decided to look around the beach and sit there and then. I was literally amazed balls looking at the crowd and we had so much fun waiting for the show while we picnic! The experience was amazing, bear in mind it was a huge crowd. So moving around won’t be easy. But, it’s an experience I really really REALLY recommend everyone who is in Busan during that day to go! 

So here’s 5 Tips that will make that fireworks show a 5-star experience!


  • ·         Bring a Picnic mat perfect for sandy beaches – they sell them there at about 4000KW @ RM12~ Depending on how many people is your group, the bigger the better to get comfortable for everyone. The mat will be placed on the sands so it’s best to get mats that you can brush the sands away easily and you can sit on it without getting sandy.

  • ·         Bring a warm blanket! You’d think im crazy to bring random things like I’m going to hobo or sleep by the road right? Trust me, we spent almost 6hours on the beach, with wind blowing in occasionally in a pretty much considered winter time. Yeap. If you have 10pax. Please get 10 blankets. Haha sharing might not be an option if the wind gets cold!
BONUS ** Wear Warm and bring heat packs/pads! As mentioned you’d be outdoor for the whole night, its really advisable to wear warm and the heat packs will keep your hands warm inside the pocket, because it might look weird to wear gloves cause it won’t be that cold. 

  • ·         Literally, pack a picnic that will last you atleast 2-3hrs! yay food! From the Station along the way, as you walk down to the beach, you will see stalls and shops having counters/booths outside selling Kimbap, Friend Chickens, and other snacking foods. So stock up because it will be quite a long wait.

  • ·         Go as early as 3PM to save you a strategic spot! – we were delaying since the fireworks starts at 8PM. Yes, but rest assure it was a line of activities until the spectacular 1hr. That way you’ll get a comfortable seat and area and still have time spare to go stop by to nearby convenient stores to stock up snacks.

  • ·         Powerbanks and charge up your phone/cameras! and don't forget the Tripod! For the best experience, I’d totally recommend you to have a tripod that is going to be there recording the fireworks display while you enjoy it with your own eyes. Because having to hold your phone up while the amazing display is right in front is a waste to not enjoy the moment. J 

I hope this will be helpful to people planning their Busan trip! As I will be posting my 5D4N Trip soon. Keep a lookout for upcoming posts to-do list planning! 

Until next magical day

Monday, January 7, 2019

2019 | A Better Me!

Hello Hello! It’s 2019 and what better way to do a blog post right? New Years Resolutions again? – it feels like just awhile ago that I talked about how to achieve goals on this post at How To Plan Your Goals for the Year! How well did you do for your 2018 Resolutions? I did mine pretty well. but for my losing weight goal - well.. This year will be the year! 

I've always started year's blogpost on my birthday, usually with gratitude and self acknowledgement for the things I did the year before. I truly believed I did well in various aspects for 2018. and is definitely more positive. Along the way, removed negative people and obviously had my kind of a stress. but overall, very happy and grateful for the new amazing people I have around me. 


to be honest, I'm very excited and ready for 2019. 
Look forward to seeing everything fall in place and receive good news along the way! 

This year, I decided to go for a 2019 theme instead,  – The Better Me. You can join the journey together because I will be revamping the blog and sharing much more on motivation, happiness, skincare, self-care posts all ready in line. 2018 has a little progress for the little blog of mine, but its time to work hard on it more and create more lovely contents for everyone. Finally, I am learning the right way in managing a blog – so fingers cross and support me by leaving comments for improvement and suggestions!

Hope you like the new blogskin! leave a comment for me if you have any suggestions. 
Stay tune to more posts coming your way!

until next magical day,