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Monday, January 7, 2019

2019 | A Better Me!

Hello Hello! It’s 2019 and what better way to do a blog post right? New Years Resolutions again? – it feels like just awhile ago that I talked about how to achieve goals on this post at How To Plan Your Goals for the Year! How well did you do for your 2018 Resolutions? I did mine pretty well. but for my losing weight goal - well.. This year will be the year! 

I've always started year's blogpost on my birthday, usually with gratitude and self acknowledgement for the things I did the year before. I truly believed I did well in various aspects for 2018. and is definitely more positive. Along the way, removed negative people and obviously had my kind of a stress. but overall, very happy and grateful for the new amazing people I have around me. 


to be honest, I'm very excited and ready for 2019. 
Look forward to seeing everything fall in place and receive good news along the way! 

This year, I decided to go for a 2019 theme instead,  – The Better Me. You can join the journey together because I will be revamping the blog and sharing much more on motivation, happiness, skincare, self-care posts all ready in line. 2018 has a little progress for the little blog of mine, but its time to work hard on it more and create more lovely contents for everyone. Finally, I am learning the right way in managing a blog – so fingers cross and support me by leaving comments for improvement and suggestions!

Hope you like the new blogskin! leave a comment for me if you have any suggestions. 
Stay tune to more posts coming your way!

until next magical day,
2 comments on "2019 | A Better Me!"
  1. I love the new layout. I need to change my layout too but am so lazy.

    1. Thank you love! :) it was fun setting it up! now I feel so motivated to blog more. hahaha