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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack | V while you sleep!

I was born with a baby face and as I gained so much weight recently - I looked so round! Hahaha Sometimes I’m not too sure if its water retention on my facial tissues or it’s just me being the chubby me, but either way. I have been religiously working hard trying to reduce extra flabs around my face with a daily roller routine! Just started the routine, so there’s definitely not much huge impact on my face yet. But did you know there a magical cream that is going to help you get that V shape while you sleep?

I was excited as they are launching this new product! Now the sleepy head me can hit birds with stones!

The ID.AZ Face Fit is a skincare line that focuses on slimming, volume and lifting the face. The brand is a brainchild of a Korean Aesthetic Centre, ID Group that specialises on facial surgery to non-invasive cosmetic products - under, ID PlaCosmetics where they provide lifting and face contouring. I am no chemist, but one of the main features is that it contains SDC - Sodium Deoxycholate, that helps break fats in the skin! YAY TO BREAKING FATS INSIDE THE SKIN. 

I’ve heard so much good stuffs from the brand and how promising they have been with their products ranging from masks to serums, can’t wait to share you my experience with their Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack! I guess you can really trust a patented company for their expertise. 

I apply it on my last step after moisturizer – with just a light dabs on my jaw line and some under my chin. Just to maximize that lifting and slimming effect! To fully get the optimal effect, I massage my jaw line upwards for about 2mins each side too! Just a small swipe will be enough to cover the face, so don't scoop too much - I believe consistency more than volume! 

** PS : I can’t use it with my Vitamin C serums because it contains Niacinamide which counters the effects. So I alternate my VitaC to morning routine. J  If you are like me, you can use it with your AHA/BHA routine!

The masks has a thick gel-like texture that absorbs quite well to the skin with time! As I spread on my face, I did some upward rolling to help boost the firming effects! So it actually doesn’t really feel as sticky overtime. Morning comes you will feel it is totally absorbed in to the skin, because I could not felt any stickiness anymore.  

So did it really gave me a V face? Been using it for almost 2weeks now, I can say there is a slight improvement on my chubby cheeks and jaw line. Quite prominent sight too! I’ll be more religious for the daily sleeping routine to find out! But overall – its’ looking good and promising!
Also, it really helps smoothen my skin! I can feel my pores are not as visible as before.

A slight floral fresh scent – no issue on scents for me because I like it light and it goes away as you apply it.

Selling at RM199 at Watsons – I’d sayyy yess! Considering it is quite affordable for what it can do. Better than plastic surgery right? :) Only downside would be the bulky packaging which it was harder to keep in my travel pouch. But I’d dump it in my luggage anyway so problem solved!

Do you see some slight V-shaping going on my face? 


You can get your own ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Mask at Watson stores for RM199. BUT THEY ARE ON PROMOTION NOW! Head on over to the link down below to check itu out!

The mask is sponsored by ID.AZ for an honest review through The Butterfly Project Community, all review and written are based on honest experiences and thoughts on the products.

until next magical

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