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Sunday, February 10, 2019

What to Know about the Colors of Grand Opening Flowers? | Little Flower Hut

credits to Little Flower Hut
There is a myriad of choices when looking for grand opening flowers. Sending grand opening flowers to a friend can be the best way for you to express your congratulatory message. You can choose from different types and colors of flowers to make the arrangement cheerful and lively to offer your guests a better atmosphere. 

Remember earlier guest posts on Saving your wallet for Valentine's day?  Today Little Flower Hut will be sharing a little more on Grand Opening Flowers! Never knew there was meaning towards the choice of flowers myself. 

credits Little Flower Hut

Listed below are some of the colors of flowers for a grand opening and their meanings.

  • Yellow Flowers – Color yellow stands for a happy beginning, wonderful celebration, and warm greetings. You can look for flowers such as calla lily, roses, tulips, and sunflowers that are perfect for different arrangements.
  • Orange Flowers – If you want to express your sincere greetings for a much-awaited opening of a business then you can look for flowers in orange color. This can make any arrangement stands out and also provides a warm and happy mood.
  • Pink Flowers – Color pink flowers are not only for lowers or teens. This color can also be perfect for a grand opening that symbolizes happiness and respect. Choose from various pink flowers such as stargazers, roses, anthuriums, and orchids.

How to Order for Grand Opening Flowers?

If you are searching for grand opening flowers then you can simply go online where you can find lots of arrangements to choose from. This will also give you the chance to save money on flowers because you can easily compare the cost and even take advantage of the discounts. Sending grand opening flowers can be a way for you to welcome a new business or to show your support especially if it is connected to your company.

This can be a simple way for you to reach out to your loved ones and wish them success for their newly-opened business thus providing them greater positive support. Besides, you don’t have to visit a flower shop to look for the best grand opening flowers knowing that you can already acquire the service of a florist online. With different devices that you can connect to the internet, all you have to do is to look for a website where you can have plenty of grand opening flowers and arrangements to choose from. In fact, there are florists online that could offer you an express delivery service so you don’t have to worry about ordering grand opening flowers the last minute if ever that you failed to do it early.


with good dates are such a big thing for this lunar new year! this will be a good heads up if you have friends and families who are having opening ceremonies for their business.

Today's sharing was prepared by the team at Little Flower Hut! 

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until next magical day,


Friday, February 8, 2019

Budget Friendly Tips for Valentine's Day Flowers | Little Flower Hut

Credits to David Chung on Flickr

One of the busiest times for flower shop is Valentine’s Day. This is the moment where you can see lots of flowers around presented in stunning arrangements. It is known to be the popular gift on Valentines that you can give to your loved ones. You don’t have to spend time searching for a gift that could make your girl smile because a bouquet of flowers is enough to make them feel loved. However, it is expected that flowers are expensive during this occasion so here are some useful tips that you can consider if you want to save a penny on Valentine’s Day flowers.


Today we are having a guest post from Little Flower Hut! Valentine's day is around the corner, and what better way to make that pretty girlfriend of yours happy with flowers. 

How to Save on Flowers on Valentine’s Day?

Not everyone can spend on an expensive bouquet just to impress their girl. Yet, you don’t have to go for a sophisticated arrangement just to let your girl know how much you love her. In fact, even a single rose is enough for you to make her smile on Valentine’s Day. If you are looking forward to saving money on Valentine’s Day, then here are some tips that could help you cut the cost of the flowers.

  • It is expected that florists will surely offer you certain deals to catch your attention. Yet, this might only require you to spend much so it is best that you avoid such offers or specific bundles.
  • It will always be an advantage if you know something about the costs of the flowers before Valentine’s Day so you can have an idea if there is a great increase with the cost.
  • Making an early reservation will always be a good idea if you want to save on flowers. Express flowers delivery will surely be expensive knowing how busy florists are on Valentine’s Day.
  • Always check the prices online so it would be easier for you to find a florist that could offer you the flowers at a cheaper cost.
  • Check if the florist has amazing offers or if they can provide you discounts for various flower arrangements.

You can always make Valentine’s Day memorable by sending flowers to your loved ones. In fact, you can send flowers anytime to express your love because you can easily get a flower delivery online instead of going to a flower shop. This can be an opportunity for you to send your message without saying a word because flowers signify love, appreciation, thankfulness, and sincerity.


I know a few friends who would prefer their other half not buy them flowers because they costs so much, but honestly there's no harm once in awhile for this little gestures because it still puts smiles to faces. The happiness really does pays off. 

Today's helpful tips was well shared by the team at Little Flower Hut
for more information on their services visit them at 

until next magical day,

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Althea Petal Velvet Powder | MakeUp Review

I heard so much about this little girl that i had to given it a try myself during their launching! and emptied it with a happy heart for my first  purchase! Althea Petal Velvet Powder is the first child from Althea Korea and she comes at a super affordable price of RM16! NOW LOOK AT ME BUYING ALL THE SIBLINGS. They come in 2 Shades, Translucent and Beige, with a Limited Edition Lavender shade. 

I'm not usually the person who would put on powders, because i have dry skin type so finishing powders are usual used if i go full on face makeup mode, which is also quite rare. but boyyy it felt so nice on me when i used it! its light and natural, giving it a nice natural finish as its not too matte as well. it is my current MUST-HAVE daily on my face to cover for the sunblock stickiness on my last step for my daily skincare & makeup. 

it definitely lived up to its description and I'm loving the after feel softness!

so small and so nicely compact!
it lasted a 2months? so when its really affordable I really meant it! 


Being the proud founding baby for Althea Korea, It contains the Althea flower itself! which is known to be one of the most resilient flowers in the world, rich with anti-oxidants that plays a role in protecting our skin from dehydration while increasing our moisture levels. It also repels UV rays and prevents premature skin ageing. 


a floral smell that is sweet but never too overwhelming, probably just like the flower itself.   
Not only Althea flower is the main ingredient featured in this powder, it is also Korea's National Flower! Somehow similar to our National Flower too, the Hibiscus!
the Limited Edition, Lavender smells like lavenderrr! 


the texture is like baby powder - soft and comes with a mini pad to help you put on your face. 
easy to use and you'd feel the difference immediately and go ahead and touch it! you'd know what I mean on your first touch! 

Translucent literally pretty transparent afterlook - with a slight lighter shade.
Beige brings out the colour more - but not as obvious as you spread across the face
Lavender is slightly tinted with pinkish, but also pretty transparent afterlook.



I hope this will be helpful for some of you guys wondering on the insights of this little babies. RM16 again, it's one of my best purchases for makeup thus far! 

Althea Korea | Exclusives
Here's the link to get yourself some Althea Petal Velvet Powder

until next magical day,