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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Cosrx PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream & Low PH PHA Barrier Mist | Skincare Review

Dehydrated skin condition alert! what better way it to save it with Cosrx's PHA Cream Speacial Set? 
I have heard so much on Cosrx for being the holy grail brand for pores and acne prone skins, where they focus more on the ingredients and the products with the minimal attention to their packaging. To be fair, i think their packaging is minimalist and lovely and the cute marketing doctor uncle is enough to leave a lasting impression for the brand. 

I first started to know and is probably convinced by the brand from my dear friend of mine, chubs. Never heard of the brand before because being in East Malaysia, we tend to get a limited exposure on the available physical stores that sells them, unless we look them online or stumble upon skincare bloggers and reviews. So, she shared me the secret to her holy grail because i've known her for a lot of years now, and she has sensitive skin with a serious case of breakouts and acne. Until the day I got reunited with her in Singapore - yeap. flawless skin. and i was utterly curious! 

the range mixture she was using wasn't exactly for acne skin too. it was a general all-skin type products! so that explains why my current skincare routine has a whole majority of it are of Cosrx brand. yay!  

To make it short, I saw the PHA Cream Special Set that comes with both the PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream and the Low PH PHA Barrier Mist at a very affordable price online and decided to give it a try because I am in fact looking for moisturizer to cure my forever dehydrated skin. 


The PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream thus far using it for almost a month, has really shown some significant smoothness to my skin and I somewhat believes it helps minimize my pigmentation to be worsen, because every time i go for facial - my beauticians will tell me that i have super dry skins and the only was to solve my freckles and pigmentation problem is to fix my hydration.

THE TEXTURE Light cream/gel type and feels like pudding and spreads really nicely on the face easily. a little amount is enough to cover the entire face. a few daps is enough. 

THE SMELL Little to no smell at all. was not use to it in the beginning because i like my products with a nice floral or fruity scent. this was probably watery cream smell with a hint of coconut-ish that i believe will be suitable for sensitive skin. 

THE AFTER-FEEL It leaves a smooth finish but also has a sticky feel to it, although its not as badly on the stickiness until you can't sleep on pillows and such. It has a light feel of stickiness that actually dries off in the morning, which means given extended time - the sticky feel will ware off somehow as it gets absorbs into your face. 

REPURCHASE? Yes, but will be open for options because the results was really really good to my face. but I didn't really like the sticky after-feel to it. but this will be a go-back-to product even after I have found my next best option. 


The Low PH PHA Barrier Mist comes in a superr nice thin bottle and the mist is also light and you'd definitely use it for daily sprays just to keep your face fresh and retain the moisture. I try to use it during morning and mid-day with just a few sprays, but best feeling is when you have a bare make-up free face. The product alone does cost quite a lot and having it in the bundle set was a really good deal because. honestly, I never really use mist - because it feels like an extra that in fact quite costly to spray water-like ingredients to the face that might be evaporated within the few seconds.  

but nonetheless - I would totally repurchase it a gain if it comes in an affordable set or if it's on reasonable promotional price because this really had a nice bouncy after-feel after the spray. 


Highly recommends if you're seeking for a hydrating moisturizer to try out, because it does deliver results within a weeks time usage. I personally might be converted to a Cosrx brand cult follower, if you'd like to read more on my Cosrx skincare review, stay tune for my Toner and Essences Review coming soon! 

until next magical day,

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  1. I´ve wanted to try this mist for a longer time! I really do hope that I will do that in a near future!◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)◜

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    1. hope this helps a little! its quite expensive on its own. so it not in the holy grail category but i might reconsider retrying it some time in future again just for comparisons sake. :) but quite hydrating if you'd ask me