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Thursday, February 28, 2019

FEBRUARY Highlights

it's already end of February!
time really does blink and pooff its already the next month gone. Some of the random highlights as I am practicing the gratitude acknowledgements. it's actually working well, 

  • Spend Chinese New Year with the family - simple gatherings and collected quite an amount of red packets! yay to the bank account - boo cause it might go to skincare shopping! 
  • Started drawing/doodling again and started an artblog on Instagram, support me at @mochirou.arts if you'd like to stalk my noob drawings. 
  • Feng Shui Master Dato Joey Yap says, its my health year where I focus on my health and I have big potential success in creative field. looks like I'm on the right track with diet and drawing. 
  • Started off my fitness journey to lose some weight - clean eating and daily simple HIIT workouts.
  • Sleep time by 12am at most to minimize dark circles.

  • No buy-month! do not purchase anything unnecessary - no skincare until i finish up supplies
  • Continue 8-hours eating habit - and clean eating - no more ice creams!
  • practice more self-love - meditate and sleep early! 

Good job! let's march into March with more proper plans and motivation to keep me consistent! 

until next magical day,
2 comments on "FEBRUARY Highlights "
  1. All the best with your goals! Great idea to do a monthly summary