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Thursday, January 31, 2019

JANUARY Highlights

hey everyone!

This year, its gonna be a better me as mentioned in my birthday post - which means, i will be practicing gratitude as part of it too. starting to believe this is a good way to appreciate and reflect on what's good and the improvements needed. here's to first month of 2019!


  • Singapore trip with the lovely colleagues of mine for our little getaway celebration.
  • Started off with good vibes and de-clutter my room and stuffs that sparks no joy. 
  • Started getting serious on solving my freckles and pigmentation on my face by making sure it is hydrated with daily routines! day & night!
  • Skincare researches and stock up at - My Althea Velvet Petal Powders! 
  • Emptied out some overdue skincare, so stay tuned for my Bye Bye Bin series coming soon. 
  • Finally kicked in the habit to drink water - manage to maintain 3 litres /day

  • To start exercising and weight lose commitment, with 50kg as my goal!
  • sort out contents for the blog with scheduled timeline
  • Detox every morning! solving bloating issues with ginger/lady's finger water daily.

this is pretty calming and to think i should be doing this on a daily basis, a monthly summary will really allow me to think back what were the highlights. but hey! i have a pretty normal life. so there wouldn't much exciting things - yet. so cheers for the 2019 months to be more interesting where i step up my comfort zone! thank you for reading some of my personal stuffs even though they might bored you. 

until next magical day,

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