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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Bye Bye Bin Project | 2019 Q1 Empties!

Inspired by sakura for her Monthly project!, I decided to do summary of my empties to get me motivated to finish the things i buy! I buy so much sometime that its so hard to stay religiously applying them. 2019 i started everyday applying AM & PM routines, and its finally clearing off my purchases! 

best part is also seeing some improvement for my skin. being a really good girl applying basics to my skin now. it's true when people say "there's no ugly people, only lazy people". I may not be beautiful, but i feel more confident now with better skin.  

Here's the empties for Q1! 

  • Cathydoll Aloe Ha 2in1 Real Aloe Vera Peeling Pack 
bought this super long time ago in Thailand - during university days. which was 3 years ago - not sure if the range is available, and i think it has lost its ultimate effectiveness due to the expiry date, but honestly I still manage to finish it with no side effects. In fact, i feel that it still works nicely and still peels off like it should back in the years. The i found the tub during spring cleaning some time in 2018 November. it was 3/4-used so i figured why not finish it. as long as it doesn't irritate. lol

VERDICT? the product really does peels of dead skin on the face and you'd definitely feel the smooth after-feel with no dried out skin feel. 

REPURCHASE? nope. as this was actually my 2nd purchase during my university days. Remember somehow seeing it in Guardian before, so perhaps when I'm out of choices?

  • LANEIGE Water Bank Eye Gel 
got this some time ago too from Althea's birthday box! and finally able to finish it before it expires. phew! all-in-all a good product which i love the texture and scent. As its a quite popular product for K-beauty and also considered a luxury item in my opinion because of the brand. 

VERDICT? love the texture and how it blends well on my eyes, but i did not felt a super wow after-effect to my eyes as i have serious dark circles. however, to be fair it did felt more hydrated and i only started tracking in after 1/4 left in the tub. 

REPURCHASE? yes, because its one of the affordable ones compare to other eye creams i have survey. but not anytime soon as i am trying out Innisfree's Orchid Eye Cream soon! 

  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream
Bought this last year during their promotions together with their Essences Boost - the range is affordable and at the time i was more into Vitamin E and C on my face focusing more on hydrating and dark spots, my long overdue care. Fell in love immediately with the texture because I didn't like the sticky moisturizers - if you noticed most hydrating moisture fix will have that sticky after-feel. but this won't! it absorbs well! and best part is that is enhances my Vitamin C booster too!

VERDICT? A good non-sticky moisturizer and it is really hydrating as I can feel the difference after a weeks application. The tub may look small during purchase, but it lasted me 3months with a day and night daily use!

REPURCHASE? TOTALLY YES! at affordable price! i'm reconsidering it for my morning routine!

  • Etude House Sunprise Sunblock - Must Daily
Bought this quite sometime ago, as i think its a totally different packaging now. bought this entirely because of how cute the packaging was with no research on the sunblock's review. Overall it really helped me in protecting my skin, i really did notice the difference in my dark spots - it's not fading it away. but there was no incoming addition to it - so by experience i'd say yay for the results! the tube lasted 3-4months? 

VERDICT? A good sunblock to consider, but it did left a sticky after-feel - but a totally non-cakey or white cast texture. so aside from stickyness, which can be covered with my petal powder. It passes for overall love.

REPURCHASE? yes, because the cost was really affordable for sunblocks. and for the results it has given me. I will survive the stickyness. but hey, until i am lost with sunblock options, this will come in to mind for that backup. 

  • Althea Velvet Petal Powder - Beige & Translucent
just stocked up recently and started with the Beige colour, the beige version is not as smooth to blend as there is has pigments to it, so you'd have to evenly pad them. overall, okay finishing powder. I still love the Translucent sister. so, we'll see how the limited edition one plays out in the next bin! 

VERDICT? Love this product to bits! you can read more detailed post here at my Althea Petal Velvet Powder Review! smooth matte finish for the last step of your morning routine! 

REPURCHASE? Nope for Beige but YASS to the Powder in general. already did. and probably will when i run out. haha 

  • PALMER'S Cocoa Butter Formula - Micro Fine Exfoliating Facial Scrub
one of the impressive brands you can get from local drugstore, Watsons and Guardian. this is our family favourite and really does pack a punch on scrubbing off nasty dead skins. Probably our 3rd purchase. will do some comparisons with my other scrubs soon!

VERDICT? all time family favourite, so its enough said. however, with the strength on the scrub - it might be too harsh for sensitive skin as the granules are more rough and you can really feel the texture rubbing off your skin. I use it on alternate days, sometimes even twice a week only depending on how dirty my face feels like as i have dry skin. doesn't rip of moisture - but definitely will leave you some tingly pain.

REPURCHASE? yes! but not anytime soon - feel like trying out other scrubs for a change. But if you're looking for good scrub - try it! because on its strength and cause its around RM20 if you get it on offer price.


Hope you guys enjoy these empties, i can finally say goodbye to them at the bin! 
As i will be more religiously finishing skincare and makeups before buying others - hope these will be just as helpful to you guys who are considering these. They are in no particular order of favoritism, just sharing my experience using them till the end. 

Will be doing my Bye Bye Bin Project Quarterly! 
stay tuned for Q2 because there are a lot of them currently at the verge of finishing. Q2 will have a longer list of empties. because my AM & PM skincares are running low!

until next magical day,
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  1. Lovely post! There are items here which I would like to try from your empties here.. Such as LANEIGE's Water Bank Eye Gel & The Body Shop's Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream. Can't wait!

    1. YESS! those 2 are among my favourite for the stash and will always check out on their price time to time. cause if its on promotion, its time to stock up! haha